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Gary’s Wife Kristina Anderson Is in a Bitter Feud With Her Ex!!

Kristina Anderson is in the midst of drama with long-time on-air enemy Amber Portwood.

On Tuesday, April 20, Amber called Kristina “absolutely horrible” during the explosive reunion of The Teen Mom due to their accusation that Kristina is driving a wedge between her and her 12-year-old daughter, Leah.

Gary’s Wife Kristina Anderson

During an interview, Amber accused the hosts of making it difficult for her to reach out to her estranged daughter. Gary recalled a time when he went over to Amber’s house and how she perceived that act differently than he had intentions.

I felt that Gary was trying to be nice at first, but it quickly turned into more and more touches as the night went on. I was still confused, so he told me not to tell Kristina about it because she would be mad.

Kristina and her partner were in a solid relationship at the time before they parted ways. Keep scrolling to find out more about Kristina.Gary's Wife Kristina Anderson

Kristina Anderson is married to Gregory Anderson, but she divorced him after her engagement with Gary. The proof? On January 31, 2014, Gary wrote in a Facebook status Amber and I are done!
I have been in love with a new female for about 1 year! Kristina Anderson filed for divorce from Greg on April 16, 2014.

That July, Gregory filed a restraining order against Kristina. The two were able to work things out, and the request was canceled.

Gregory and Kristina have a daughter, Karly, who is close to Leah’s age.

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Leah loves Spending Time With Kristina Anderson

Leah is not the only member of her mother’s family that Kristina Anderson-149472 loves. On a recent episode of TMOG, Leah wrote down how much she loved her mom and Kristina.

Gary’s ladylove also proudly showed off photos with Leah on Instagram even tagging Amber in several posts Enjoying this beautiful Saturday afternoon with The three members of the group who recently had a falling out, and we hope they are back on good terms soon.

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