Is Lisa Manoban From Blackpink Single Or Dating Someone?

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Famous Thai Singer Lisa Manoban Becomes Member of Girl Group Blackpink Lisa Manoban is a Thai-South Korean singer and rapper. Lisa Manoban is under YG Entertainment.

Lisa was raised by her Thai mother and Swiss-born stepfather. She completed her secondary school studies at Praphamontree I and II. She started taking dance classes when she was four years old and always took part in competitions. Who is Lisa Manoban dating?

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Thailand-based Korean idol Lisa Manoban.Lisa’s talent in singing was first noted at an early age, with her performance as a 13-year-old school representative earning her second place in a regional singing competition. Lisa Manoban was born in South Korea and started out as a contestant to be part of the girl pop group BlackPink where she got selected from 4000 applicants.Lisa Manoban

Who is Lisa Manoban Dating?

Lisa is single and does not intend to date in the near future. The Blackpink member was recently asked about her own personal life and dating life as well as with her co-workers of Blackpink’s fame. Fans of the international music group Blackpink know that the group is made up of four Korean-born members, Lisa being one. It continues to amaze many fans and netizens alike how Lisa was born and still resides on a different continent but still manages to keep up with her bandmates as they become increasingly popular.

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Background story, However, Bee was able to establish herself eventually, making her own place in the industry with fame and a name.

Rumors about Lisa dating BTS member Jungkook have persisted for a while, but so far these are just rumors. Blackpink singer and “How You Like That” artist is not currently in a relationship. Obviously, it would be ideal if both the youngest members of the BTS and Blackpink group got together — that would be perfect. One reason she is currently single according to rumors is the company’s policy. It bans its idols from dating, but that does not apply to those who get permission from the CEO of YG Entertainment.

The Blackpink member didn’t often manage to take time out for dating. Initially, Lisa was busy adjusting to a new country and learning the Korean language. She then spent much of her time with the rest of the group practicing and performing after they debuted. Lisa also has her own pet cats, and one of them is Noni. Plus with her solo debut on the rise, she doesn’t have time for dating.

Previously, the rumors of Lisa’s involvement with Jungkook were debunked when she clarified that she preferred to date older men. As of now though, her love life has been very quiet. Presently, Lisa is single and concentrating more on her music career.¬†Lisa has her own YouTube channel which primarily covers traveling diaries, fashion, and dancing. For her fans’ sake, we wish Lisa all the best as she goes solo.

Blackpink Lisa is a popular member of the girl group Blackpink. She is also well-known for her dating life, which many people are curious about.

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