Who Is Kio Cyr TikTok Star Dating in 2021? Past Relationships

In the entertainment industry, there are only a few who get attention. Kio Cyr is one of those and his fans want to know who is he dating? So let’s look back on what we know about this TikTok star below It’s unclear when Kio Cyr is up to date. So, who is Kio Cyr dating now?

Kio Cyr has dated his girlfriend Olivia in the past and he announced this information as soon as it happened. Earlier this year, fans started wondering if Kio was dating actress Olivia Holt.

Who is Kio Cyr dating in 2021? A look into his love life It has been reported that the two have not been together since 2021.

Who is Kio Cyr Dating in 2021?

Kio Cyr is currently not dating anyone but international tabloids are speculating that he has dated a topless model. In June 2020, Kio put out a video with his ex-girlfriend Sofie and niece Riley. In the video, he seemed to have fun with both of them while Olivia was nowhere to be seen.
Furthermore, the two stopped posting about each other on social media which many speculate is because they’ve gotten back together again! A look back at their Instagram convos also revealed a change of heart.

Even though Kio and Olivia aren’t in a relationship anymore, they liked each other before meeting. Before they met, they talked over the phone and began getting closer. Now, he is busy focusing on his career as a young TikTok and Youtube star. Explore some of his recent videos with this link.Kio Cyr Dating

Ex-Girlfriend, Meet Olivia Ponton.

Kio Cyr dated fellow Tiktok star, Olivia Ponton. They were a popular couple in the Tikto community, gaining photos together and denying their relationship for weeks before they confirmed it.

Kio s ex-girlfriend, Olivia, is a TikTok sensation and model. She has earned millions of views on her account thanks to lifestyle videos and fashion content. Moreover, she is the Hype House member in the TikTak collective. Her bio on Instagram describes her as “your average girl in the future” and with 3.5 million followers, it is clear she isn’t wrong.

Previously, it was seen that her follower section on Instagram increased after she started traveling more. Her dance videos on Tiktok are also well-liked by many individuals. If you look at Ponto’s Instagram account, it’s clear to state that she loves to travel. Reportedly, she has seen 15 countries. You can read more about her by going through her profile.

Ponton is currently repped by Wilhemina Models agents since she attended Costa Rica and Nicaragua, where she also taught English. She earlier got her to start with the Miami Swim Week and later transitioned to modeling as well. And, now she has arrived.

Who Kio Cyr Was Dating In 2021 And What Happened Kio said of his ex-girlfriend that she will always have his heart, and he hopes she does well.

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