Kanye West: Believes Kim Kardashian Will Be Amazing First Lady, Getting Ready For 2024 Presidential Elections

Kanye West To Run 2024 Presidential Elections, Believes Kim Kardashian Will Be Amazing First Lady

Kanye West made it to the highlights in some cases in light of his 2020 Presidential mission. It wouldn’t not be all in all correct to express that he was not prepared during the current year’s Presidential races.

Kanye even had a tear-filled excited breakdown at his singular power rally. Additionally, after his devastation this year, the rapper wishes to be more planned when the 2024 political choice moves around. Really! You heard that right. Kanye is a great deal of expecting to challenge the 2024 Presidential races as well.

As shown by reports in Hollywood Life, Kanye West really thinks he has the stuff to be the top of the free world. The 43-year-old similarly envisions that mate Kim Kardashian will thoroughly pound it in the capacity of the principle lady.

Kanye will be locked in with the political choice in 2024, he should be on top of it,” a source close to Kanye West revealed the door.

Staggering First Lady

Kanye feels that Kim would be a staggering first lady and since they have four years to figure it out, Kanye will guarantee he is ready for the run. The insider continued. Kanye is focusing on it whether or not others think it is a joke. It is his next dream to transform into a reality. He is going full force into the total of that and will figure it out the accompanying very few years.

Kanye West had announced that he would be running for the 2020 Presidential choices in July 4, 2020 statement. However, by that point, he’d missed the cut off cutoff times to appear on the surveying structure in different states, and most primaries had recently gone to and fro. He also didn’t set up an ordinary mission with a staff, plan stage, or whatever else that contenders truly put assets into expecting to become president do. Kanye himself wasn’t even an enlisted resident until July 9, 2020.

To be sure, various Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston was asking fans to not rule for Kanye. One of her post on Instagram read, “It’s not fascinating to rule for Kanye. I have no idea by what other strategy to state it. On the off chance that it’s not all that much difficulty be responsible.” In Fact, Jamie Foxx even called Kanye, a prankster. Despite this, we are pleased to see the guts of the rapper to speak to the 2024 races.


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