Josiah, Lauren, and Bella Duggar

Josiah, Lauren, and Bella Duggar: What Happened to Them?

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What’s new with Josiah, Lauren, and Bella. Fans might review that on June 30, 2018, Josiah wedded Lauren Swanson. On November eighth, 2019, Bella Milagro was brought into the world to the couple.

They were engaged on social media for some time. There were many images and videos of Bella’s growth after she was born. Every update was a big hit with fans. It’s been a long since the pair has posted anything online, so many are wondering what happened to their tiny family.

In November 2020, they released their last message. Almost all of their online presence has vanished in the last several days.

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The Cast Of Counting On Has Taken Down Their Social Media Accounts.

All of Josiah and Lauren’s Instagram images are being deleted, as we previously reported. They began by simply erasing photographs of their daughter. When Josh Duggar was arrested, it felt like this was a reaction.

Because of the child s*x abuse picture allegations, they may have been more aware of the horrible things that happen online. Alternatively, they may not have wanted to be identified with Josh’s trial and its commotion.

However, they didn’t stop erasing images at that point. There are now only a few images on their website. Neither Bella nor Lauren appears in any of them. They also changed their bio to reflect the fact that they are avoiding the Duggars. Some suspected that the Duggars were divorcing, which would be a historic event for the family.

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The Duggar children, Josiah, Lauren, And Bella, Are Seldom Seen Together With The Rest Of The Family In Photos.

Josh was arrested in the spring, and since then, just a few images have been taken of Josiah, Lauren, and Bella together with the family. Josiah and Lauren were shown during an autumn excursion on the Duggar family’s Instagram page.

While Lauren participated in the wedding of Anna Duggar’s brother, she also served as a bridesmaid. Hannah Reber, the daughter of Josh’s caretakers, married David Keller. Lauren was shown with the other bridesmaids in a photo taken during the ceremony.

Josiah, Lauren, and Bella are missing from the Duggar family’s Thanksgiving photographs. As to whether or not they attended the family event and were merely not photographed, it’s impossible to tell for sure.Josiah, Lauren, and Bella Duggar

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The family of Lauren and Josiah is unknown to us at this time. The couple’s return to social media or whatever they do next will continue to pique the interest of their fans.

When will we get to hear from Josiah Duggar and his family? Maybe they’re aiming for a more secluded existence? In the comments area below, please share your ideas. Visit TV Shows Ace for all the newest Duggar news.

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