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Finally Back At The Studio After A 'Pandemic Break', Talks About His Experience Hosting Emmy Awards Virtually - The Tech Education
Jimmy Kimmel
Source: Daily Mail
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Jimmy Kimmel Is Finally Back At The Studio After A ‘Pandemic Break’, Talks About His Experience Hosting Emmy Awards Virtually

Jimmy Kimmel has finally resumed his late-night talk show. And is back at his Los Angeles studio to spread more joy and laughter.

Jimmy Kimmel Is Finally Back!

The 51 year old celebrity host made his return to the late night talk show. Kimmel returned to the studio on Monday and resumed his most popular talk show.

As he began the show, he revealed that even though he has returned to the studio after a long break but it feels nothing like before. Therefore, talking about the new normal people are adapting to. Kimmel went on saying that it feel really different because it is for the first time that the talk show has no audience.

Jimmy Kimmel
Source: Daily Mail

Thus, he stated about how odd it feels in the beginning. Apart from that Kimmel also added about the safety protocols they have taken like making masks mandatory for every crew member. And that they have also taken care of the social distancing protocols.

Kimmel as usual flaunted his funny and cheerful antics as he went on saying about the new normal the ongoing pandemic has brought in.

So in the very first episode the guest Kimmel invited was Charles Barkley who was a former NBA player.

His Experience On Hosting Emmy Awards Virtually

The Emmy Awards was held on Sunday night but it was nothing like before. And that is what Kimmel said when he talked about his experience on his talk show.

Jimmy Kimmel
Source: ABC

He revealed about how bizarre it felt to host an award show with no audience. And not only that , the worse part was that even the recipients were not present. He also opened up about how they had to use audience clippings from the previous award ceremonies so as to make it look a bit authentic.

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Apart from that Kimmel said that he was missing all the hustle bustle which usually happens after any award ceremony like success parties and many more.

Thus as per Kimmel hosting an award show virtually was no less than a strange and bizarre experience for him.

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