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Makes Emmy History: Becomes The Youngest Actress And Second Black Actress To Win The Best Actress In A Drama Series Award -
Source: BBC
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Zendaya Makes Emmy History: Becomes The Youngest Actress And Second Black Actress To Win The Best Actress In A Drama Series Award

Source: Elle

Zendaya creates history in the Emmys by being the youngest to win the best actress in a drama series award.

She was awarded for her role as the teenage drug-addict named ‘Rue’ in HBO’S highly-acclaimed teen drama’Euphoria’.

The former Disney Channel star, Zendaya, who has worked in shows like ‘Shake It Up’ and ‘KC Undercover’, went on to beat the like of Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh, Laura Linney, Olivia Colman and Jennifer Aniston.

The 24-year-old was amongst her family during the virtual ceremony of the Emmys.

She also became the second black actress to win her Emmy category after Viola Davis.

She says “I know this feels like a really weird time to be celebrating, but I just want to say there is hope in the young people out there -…and I just want to say to all my peers out there doing the work in the streets, I see you, I admire you, I thank you.”

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What Did Other Celebrities Had To Say About Zendaya’s Win?

Caroline Framke from ‘Variety’ writes: “Though written with vicious precision by Sam Levinson, Rue’s only as effective as she is because Zendaya is so incredibly good at portraying her.”

She further says, “Zendaya’s Rue becomes one of the most finely-tuned portrayal on television. It’s only right that the Academy recognized it as such.”

Reese Witherspoon agrees and tweets saying that she’s really proud of Zendaya and calls her performance “outstanding”.

Former Emmy winner Sarah Paulson tweets “‘Hope in the young people” YESSSSSSS @Zendaya”

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