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Social Security Can Come To An Ending


Donald Trump
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Donald Trump after that said that” he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue in NYC and still won’t lose any voters”.

But He is now testing whether the same will be true if he is going the end the social Security. His unilateral, and unparalleled steps collection payroll taxes are the vertebrae of social security. According to the Internal Revenue Code, Trump has given guidelines to stop collecting Payroll taxes from people for four months, which allows Deferrals when a pandemic and its disaster are now declared.

If now he gets Re-elected those taxes keep Deferring all benefits will come to an end and there will be no Congressional involvement.

Social Security: The End

According to reports from the Independent Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration. If all contribution from payroll is going on halt Jan 1, 2021. An estimated 10 million people today getting Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits, which will be an averageĀ  $1,125 every month, would stop abruptly in the mid of 2021. .


All those 55 million Social Security Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Benefits. In Addition, it is an average of about $ 1440 a month seems to disappear after two years or later.

Section 7508A of thr Internal Revenue Code permit deferrals only up to one year only. Concerning , the Supreme court Judge declared that newly elected Trump has a Broad Discretion in findings. Also, With the new presidential threat to have zero benefits, congressional advocates would on hold. In Conclusion, there will be a time when Social Security seems only in the Imagination.

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