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Jie Lin: Hero? I Quit A Long Time Ago | Fighting Style, Abilities and Equipment Explained!

Jie Lin saved humanity from the monster five years ago, and because he had chuunibyou disease, he called himself Zero. Later, when most of the monsters were gone, he stopped being around humans. Now, he’s looking for work because his younger sister made him.

Jie Lin Appearance and PersonalityJie Lin Personality

Jie Lin is a lazy, perverted young man who is content with leading a normal life. As a teenager, he became Zero due to his chuunibyou phase i.e. he was fascinated with heroes and chose to live his fantasy. His interests are watching anime (especially Magic Girls), reading manga, eating snacks, and playing video games.

Lin Jie is mostly indifferent to fame, status, or hero business. However he doesn’t like villains taking over the world or terrorising innocents, and will stop them. He is afraid of his younger sister and joined the Hero Association due to her nagging. Nevertheless he cares for her since she is his only family after they were orphaned.

He is also shown to have a soft spot for children, as he adopted Mumu as his other sister and does his best to teach his students at the hero academy. Many women are attracted to Lin Jie due to his overwhelming power, making him a frequent victim of their jealousy tantrums.

As Zero, he is an impressive figure, revered by the vast majority of the public. His rare presence strikes awe and terror among heroes and villains. Some higher ups of the Hero Association view Zero as a threat for not affiliating with them, although the decision to classify him as a criminal was opposed.

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Jie Lin Bio

We don’t know much about Lin Jie’s past. His parents were kicked out of the Lin Clan, and they died when he was still a young teen. Lin Jie turned into a Chuunibyou and started looking for artefacts. One of them was the records of the Black Warrior, which gave Lin Jie a lot of power and made him work as Zero. Zero saved people from monsters, and because of that, the Hero Association was made. Five years before the story takes place, Zero quit his job to take care of his sister Lin Wan.

Jie Lin starts the story by looking for a job after Lin Wan keeps bugging him about it. Xiao Zhan, an E-rank hero, finds Lin Jie and asks Lin Wan for permission to hire him.

Jie Lin Power and AbilitiesJie Lin Abilities

Jie Lin is regarded as the most powerful being in the universe, one of the few people whose strength has the ability to defy fate. He is thought to be a near-omnipotent being. When he appears as Zero, he has a soul-crushing effect on everyone in his vicinity. Almost anyone would be terrified by his glare alone. The majority of Zero’s abilities are derived from his mastery of supernatural weapons.

Celestial Sword Will

Jie Lin has been able to develop an incredible sword will that he can imbue into weapons when fighting after obtaining Qing Xuanzi’s legacy during his training to become a hero. Lin Jie’s sword mastery allows him to unleash his sword will even with a common kitchen cleaver.

  • 0th Form – Judgement
  • 1st Form – Punishment
  • 2nd Form – Redemption
  • 3rd Form – Slay
  • 3rd Form Revised – Severance
  • 3rd Form Revised – Execution
  • 3rd Form Revised – Demise
  • 4th Form – The Dark Warrior’s Endless Battle
  • 4th Form Revised – Extermination
  • 5th Form – The End Of All Things


Jie Lin can levitate and fly at high speeds.


Jie Lin can summon various weapons and items at will.

Physical Abilities

  • Immense Strength
  • Immense Speed
  • Immense Durability

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Fighting Style

Jie Lin’s overwhelming strength means he rarely needs to practise fighting techniques because he can usually win without exerting much effort. Lin Jie, on the other hand, shows off his wide range of skills and techniques when dealing with more powerful opponents.

  • Weapon Mastery
  • Qing Xuanzi Legacy
  • Black Warrior’s Endless Battle Records
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat

Jie Lin Fighting

Jie Lin Equipment

  • Anti-Demon Sword
  • Celestial-Binding Rope
  • Ender Sword
  • Celestial Executioner Sword
  • Celestial Severance Sword
  • Celestial Slayer Sword
  • Celestial Demise Sword
  • Courage
  • Crescent Blade of the Azure Dragon
  • Dragon Abyss Sword
  • Dual Hammers
  • Earth Spirit Sword
  • Evil Spirit Wolf’s Teeth Club
  • Fire Spirit Sword
  • Galaxy Sword
  • Golden Cudgel
  • Heavy Iron Sword
  • Spatial Diviner
  • Sword of Conviction
  • The Portrait of Myriad Gods
  • Wood Spirit Sword

Jie Lin Feats

  • Corrupt Hero Associations Arc
  • Dong Clam Arc
  • Fake Zero Arc
  • Hero Academy Arc
  • Ancient Lin Clan Arc
  • Bachelor’s Temple Arc
  • SS-Rank Criminal Evan Arc

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