Jaden Smith Sexuality: How His Parents Reacted To This Shocking Confession? Does Tyler Love Him Too? Or Is It One-Sided?

Indeed the same-sex relationships never cease to acquire the top headlines!
When the sexuality of Jaden Smith, the son of the most famous Will Smith revealed. His parents were taken aback. Jaden Smith is the first child of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

The couple was really shocked! Knowing about their only son’s sexuality. However, Jaden Smith revealed that he loves Tyler The Creator. The 29-year-old rapper is the beau of Young Smith.

Jaden Smith Dating Tyler
Jaden Smith Dating Tyler

In January 2020, When Tyler was awarded a Grammy Award. Jaden confirmed about their love and relationship. However, previously too at a concert. Jaden accepted his love openly for Tyler.

Several women are crazy about Jaden. Henceforth, nobody took it seriously! And rumours were floating in the air. However, Later on, Jaden reconfirmed the news. In fact, breaking the hearts of several secret admirers.

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Finally, Love Is Accepted

When Tyler received the award, the tweeter was flooded with Jaden’s tweet calling Tyler his ‘boyfriend’.

Jaden and Tyler
Jaden and Tyler

Finally, his family got to know about Jaden’s sexuality. Which was hidden in the wardrobe since some time. Although, Will was highly disappointed in the beginning.

But later he showed his interest in supporting his son, no matter what. Both Will and Jada have accepted his newfound love. In fact, they are ready to support him in his every step.

Along with that, the fans are also happy. Finally Jaden revealed about being a Gay. Because these things are quite sensitive. Its good to see, society has accepted their love.

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