Jaden Smith- He Maybe Emaciated But Is Not Dying

Jaden Smith is the talented son of veteran actor Will Smith.  The rapper turned actor has starred in The Karate Kid and many more movies.

Why Did Jaden Smith Look Drained?

However, he recently turned vegan. This means he cannot eat meat or fish along with milk or any milk products. His family, seeing his deteriorating heath, called for an intervention. Jada Pinkett Smith, his mother on her Facebook show ‘The Red Table’ said that son was ‘wasting away’. Jaden Smith admitted that he has stomach problems and eats two, or one meal in a day. Since he could not have protein from animal sources, he was in a state of emaciation. His parents thought his body could not adapt to veganism.

In the second round of ‘The Red Table,’ it was found that Jaden suffered from Vitamin B12 deficiencies. Will Smith recalled that Jaden had “dark circles under his eyes” and “even a little greyness” to his skin. Jaden was found to be gluten insensitive.

Was It Jaden Smith’s Vegan Diet?

Jaden Smith clarified on the show, that he was a vegetarian diet and not on a vegan one. Jaden is recovering now. He took the help of nutritionists that his parents provided and took supplements.

Insufficient Calorie Intake

His emaciation occurred due to the lack of calories he took, not because of his abstinence from meat and fish. There are plenty of plant-based protein sources. He should have eaten complete meals instead of skipping out on them.


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