Jacob Blake: The Identity Of All The Officers Involved In The Attempted Racial Killing Of Blake Is Finally Out. Trials To Begin Soon..

Jacob Blake
Source: Metro UK

Jacob Blake an African American was shot mercilessly by the police in Kenosha. And now the names of all the officers involved in this incident has finally been revealed.

The Identity Of Jacob Blake Shooters Revealed

The victim Jacob Blake who was shot mercilessly by the Kenosha police is still fighting for his life in the hospital. As he was shot multiple times at the back which lead to complete injury of his spinal cord. Initially only one officer Rusten Sheskey who shot him was identified. But now with investigation the identity of the other two cops have been revealed as well.

Jacob Blake
Source: ABC News

Hence all the cops involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake have been identified. And they are Vincent Arenas and Britanny Meronek.

So these two officers were  assisting Rusten Sheskey during the shooting of Jacob Blake. Although they are saying that they were trying to arrest Jacob as there were complaints against him.

But had to shoot him since he was not cooperating and thus trying to fled away from them. There are several videos of the incident floating on the social media. And each video shows a different angle of the story.

In a recent video, it was seen that Jacob Blake was struggling to get away from the police. And was shot when he was trying to get into his SUV. Therefore these videos are bringing in a new twist to this everyday. Thus making it unclear on whether it was something racial or not.


Well this incident has called for world wide protests. As the shooting of Jacob Blake is termed as an attempted racial killing. And is thus compared to the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in the hands of the cops.

Jacob Blake
Source: AP

There were violent protests in Kenosha as well. As for Jacob he is fighting for is life in the hospital. It is said that initially he was handcuffed even in the hospital bed. But now has been freed.

Doctors are saying that Jacob might never be able to walk again as his spinal cord has been completely damaged. Thus people are coming in support of Jacob and are demanding punishment for cops involved in this incident.

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