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Beyonce And Jay-Z Is On Luxurious Holiday: Enjoyed Showing Herself On A Skimpy Swimwear

The couple has taken some time to enjoy their holiday. They are currently at Hamptons and enjoying their vacation with their three children Sir and Rumi (tiwns) and Blue Ivy. Beyonce is taking full pleasure on her family trip. She was showing her incredible curves while she wore skimpy swimwear, in the past few days.

Jay-Z’s Companions

Jay Z was spotted when he was with CEO of Twitter and Jack Dorsey co-founder of Twitter. He was also found spending some time out with his long time friend Tyran Smith.

Beyonce’s Dressing Style For The Beach

Beyonce was having fun with her children and she was pictured when she was holding little Rumi in her arms. Her children seemed more excited, the reports said. She was totally ready with her outfit to enjoy the sunshine near the beach when she was spotted covering herself with a stylish green beach cloth over her skimpy swimwear.

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She was wearing a kaftan designed cloth that had opened sleeve with floral design upon it. Beyonce was wearing a purple-colored swimsuit with blue ties underneath it. She entered the beachside with a large beach hat and branded sunglasses. She walked barefoot towards the nearest dock.

Little Rumi And Her Mother

Beyonce’s child Rumi was wearing a bright white dress with small silver sandals. She was also found wearing a straw hat that really looked cute upon her. All the time whenever she was on the beach she was carrying little Rumi along with her. Her husband was found heading outside away from Beyonce with Smith and Dorsey.

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Jay-Z’s Dressing Style On The Beach

Jay-Z, smith, Dorsey went to have their heavy walk and talked for while with each other. Jay-Z was wearing black shorts with a white jacket over the white t-shirt which was roundly tied around his hips.




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