Jacob Blake- Father’s Posts Is Getting Viral, Will It Bother ‘Biden’ Who Is Yet To Visit Their Family?

Jacob Blake 's Father and Biden Joe

A white officer from Wisconsin shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha. However, Joe Biden has already planned to visit blake’s family. Biden promised in his campaign that he would visit Jacob’s family and share his tribute with the family. But the Jabob- father’s Facebook post is already spreading over the internet. But the real question is will this post bother Biden?

Jacob Blake’s Father Posts

Jacob Father has posted about anti-semantic comments in his timeline. Most of his posts consist of (how the Jews have control over the media). In his posts, he has termed the white people as (Pinks, pink toes, Crackers). He has also mentioned that trash the Christian church and he called some women as “hoes”.

Once he wrote on his timeline that ” FRESH OUT OF FACEBOOK PENITENTIARY, I SAY F*** THE WHITE MAN “. He also captioned a graphic that said Jesus is the biggest fool who came on this planet. He continued by saying that the white people are crackers and they don’t tell the truths and are diabolical liars. This post was uploaded in 2019 and 2018.

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Justin Blake – Uncle’s Message To Biden

Jacob’s uncle Justin Blake said that he reached out to Biden and requested him for better policies for social justice in America. Ben Crump (family lawyer of Jacob Blake), said in a recent interview that there is a need for systemic reformation in this country.

He also said that the police cannot use lethal action against black citizens, which now has become a common issue in America. Jacob’s father posted about the criticism of racial disputes in society.

He also tried to spread the message on how black people have become slaves in this country. He shared a picture in 2018, revealing how a boy pissed on Donald Trump’s poster.

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Jacob Blake – Father Replied To His Timeline Story

During the recent interview, Blake’s father said he is not into politics but standing for his son to get him justice. He also said that his Facebook timeline story is really old and it has nothing to do with his son’s case.