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Stimulus Check: $300 Extra Weekly Bonus For Every Unemployed American. Here Is By When You Will Receive It.

The ongoing pandemic Covid-19 has shattered the economy of many nations. Thus Stimulus check aka relief packages are being released so as to support the citizens during this crisis hour.

Stimulus Check: $300 Extra Weekly Bonus For The Unemployed

The Federal Agency handling the disaster relief is being used to raise more funds and schemes for the unemployed citizens. Therefore in the upcoming relief package a sum of $300 extra weekly bonus has been decided for every unemployed citizen.

Although the plan for the new Stimulus check has not been announced. But as per the talks there is a chance that every unemployed may receive the weekly bonus.

Stimulus Check
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In lieu of the pandemic many people have lost their jobs. And are struggling hard to survive. Therefore a stimulus package having funds for the unemployed is a must. As per the previous stimulus check the unemployed were receiving around $600 to make their ends meet. But this scheme expired in July.

Therefore Trump had announced extra bonus of $300 for the needy ones. But he had approved this for a period of three weeks. And now there is a chance that this very scheme will be included in the next relief package.

By When Can We Expect The Payment?

More than 45 states have applied for the fund. And have got the approval but that makes it clear that this scheme is not meant for the entire nation. Therefore the States have the liberty to decided whether to apply for the funds or not.

Stimulus check
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Those states who have applied for the package will receive it quite soon. And after that they will be taking out the list of the eligible citizens who will get the unemployment bonus of $300 weekly.

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Hence this scheme of the Stimulus package is selective. As per the eligibility criteria is concerned one must be unemployed due to the pandemic. Also should have unemployment benefit of at least $100 per week.

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