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President Trump Answers About Jacob Blake’s Death Row…. Exclusive Details Are Here….

The American President has always been the supremo in the whole world. But this time, the sitting President of America is known for the controversies he sparks.  Yes, we are talking about President Donald Trump, whose name goes hand in hand with controversies. Trump and controversy seem to be the synonyms of each other.

As elections in the United States of America are heading their way, the bid to woo voters has gained considerable momentum. President Trump keeps on heading press conferences every other day.

Source: dailymail

This time he held a press briefing in the White House where he roused his voice in the matter of Jacob Blake’s death.
Trump briefed them on the reports about the matter and told them that he didn’t speak to any of the members of Jacob Blake’s family.

Reportedly, Jacob was a black man who was shot dead by a white police officer. Also, The matter sparked off a series of protests there in Wisconsin and then spread to the rest of the country.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

President Trump further added that he did take the step of not contacting the family. It was due to legal proceedings and lawyers’ involvement in the case. Instead, he reiterated that he had spoken to the family’s pastor, whom he calls indeed “a wonderful man.”

One thing to be noted further was that while Donald Trump was extending his statement further, he again pressed that he talks only to the “pastor.”

Speaking further to Kyle Rittenhouse, Trump didn’t condemn his actions for allegedly shooting two people during the protests that followed the controversy.

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