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J Prince Jr Net Worth: How Rich Is This Person In 2022!

J Prince Jr was born on October 31, 1964, in the United States. He works in the music business. This article has information about how much J Prince will be worth in 2022, as well as his biography, age, height, weight, and more. J Prince is a well-known American music executive. J. Prince has become more well-known and has made a good amount of money from his job.

Who Is J Prince Jr?

James L. Smith is an American music executive, promoter, and manager who was born on October 31, 1964. He is also known as James Prince, J. Prince, and Lil J. He is the CEO and co-founder of the record company Rap-A-Lot, which is based in Houston.

Smith and his son Jas are known for putting Canadian rapper Drake in touch with Lil Wayne and helping Drake sign with Young Money Entertainment in 2009. He has also worked as a manager for boxers like Andre Ward, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Shakur Stevenson, who are all very successful.

Prince is known as one of the “godfathers” of the rap music industry. He also inspired other southern hip-hop label executives like Birdman of Cash Money Records and Master P of No Limit Records. Some of the artists whose careers he helped shape were Scarface, Geto Boys, and Bun B.

J Prince Jr: Early Life Details

James L. Smith, who is also known as J. Prince, was born on October 31, 1965. His mother, Sharon Johnson, was only 16 when she had him, and she already had Prince’s 1-year-old daughter Zenia at the time. The family lived in the Coke Apartments, also called “the Bloody Nickel,” in Houston’s Fifth Ward. Prince went to Kashmere High School and played football. He also did odd jobs like cutting grass and welding trucks.

J Prince Jr: Personal Life Details

J. Prince has seven children who are all grown up. He still owns his ranch in Houston, where he raises Angus cattle that bring in $200,000 a year. J. Prince is also the owner of an island near Belize.

J Prince Jr: Career Details

Prince started building a community center in his old neighborhood, the 5th Ward, that will help kids, teens, and adults do better in life. In 2007, a day was named for him in honor of his work by the Houston City Council and Mayor Bill White.

In 2007, he started a campaign to teach young people about HIV/AIDS testing and how to avoid getting it. In 1986, Prince opened the hip-hop record label Rap-a-Lot in Houston. Smoke-a-Lot Records is the name of the company. The Geto Boys, Rap-A-most Lot’s well-known group, put the South on the hip-hop map.

Since then, it has kept its popularity and continued to focus on gangsta rap and southern rap. During the 2000s, it was sold by Asylum Records, which is part of WEA.

At the VH1 7th annual Hip Hop Honors Awards in 2010, J. Prince was recognized for both his creative work and his charitable work, along with Master P, Jermaine Dupri, Timbaland, and Slick Rick.

In response to the drama involving Young Money artist Drake, Prince put out the diss track “Courtesy Call.” In the song, he says bad things about Diddy and Birdman.

J Prince Jr: Philanthropy

Prince has spent the last 20 years promoting the rap scene and rap artists in Houston. He is now working to promote poor neighborhoods and communities. He just started building a community center in his old neighborhood in the 5th Ward that will help kids, teens, and adults do better in life.

On Jan. 30, 2007, a day was named in honor of Prince and his work by the Houston City Council and Mayor Bill White. In February 2007, Prince started a campaign to teach young people about HIV/AIDS testing and how to avoid getting it.

J Prince Jr: Net Worth 2022

J Prince is a businessman from the United States who is worth $35 million. J Prince has made his money as the CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records in Houston.

Favorite Quotes from J. Prince 

“Respect was something that was given to me as a kid who grew up with structure, being instructed to say yes sir, no sir. From there, it’s just been having a track record as a stand-up individual, knowing what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong, and the youngsters understanding it because we come from the same place. We’re from where the wolves are at.”

“In the beginning, we were in an unwelcoming environment and being discriminated against by business owners as well as facing racial profiling from police. There wasn’t much support for our out-of-the-box attitudes, and artists were emulating East, and West Coast sounds.” 

“Drake’s buzz even back then required attention and outweighed any doubts, even my own opinion on the sound. He dared to be different, and that’s what stands out.” 

“The new generation is more content-aware than ever before, and that excites me as an entrepreneur. New artists are coming up in different ways, especially via social media, but it’s still about building the right foundation and laying the groundwork for when you’re ready, and it’s time to grow.”

“I’ve had to settle down a lot of angry individuals in the past. With the Drake-Meek situation, Meek was looking for a positive word, and I told him, ‘Let’s be about a movement and not a moment,’ and he understood the validity in that.” 

“It’s important to have a word. Whatever the word is, you stand by it and then have the mental toughness to follow through and do what needs to be done.”

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