Is Jessie J Expecting A Child? Is She Again Pregnent After Her Miscarriage

JESSIE J has announced that she is pregnant, a year after losing her pregnancy. The 34-year-old pop star shared the happy news on Instagram tonight in a cute video that showed her baby bump.

She wrote, “I am so happy and terrified to share this finally…

“Please treat me with kindness. Really, all ya girl wants to do is cry in public while wearing a catsuit and eating a chocolate-covered pickle.

The video was set to her song “Sunflower,” which showed her holding a Clear Blue pregnancy test that showed she would be a mom.

Then, clips of her bump at different stages were shown, including a fully naked mirror snap and a fun bump reveal in the studio.

Fans and friends were happy for her and sent her lots of good wishes.

Stacey Solomon wrote: “Oh Jessie, I’m so happy for you. Love you.”

Pixie Lott said: “Omg, jesssssie supermama of the century.”

Paloma Faith commented: “Best news ever.”

Jesse is private about her romantic relationships, but she went public with 38-year-old basketball player Chanan Colman in May.

Before that, in November 2021, a month after breaking up with Max Pham, Jessie shared the sad news that she had lost the baby she was carrying.

She posted an emotional quote and a picture of herself holding up a positive pregnancy test.

In the long caption, she was brave enough to talk about how nervous she had been about keeping her pregnancy a secret during a concert in Los Angeles.

Sadly, just a few hours later, doctors told her that they couldn’t find the heartbeat of her baby.

The writer was: ” Yesterday morning, I was laughing with a friend and saying, “Seriously though, how am I going to get through my gig in LA tomorrow night without telling the whole audience I’m pregnant?”

“By yesterday afternoon, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get through the gig without crying… After my third scan, I was told that my baby’s heart was no longer beating.

“Earlier today. I don’t feel like I can handle how I feel. I might be sorry I put this online. I may not. I don’t know, to be honest. I do know that tonight I want to sing. I’m going to sing tonight not to avoid my sadness or the healing process but because I know it will help me.”


Jessie went on to explain why she wanted the concert to happen, saying: “I’ve only put on two shows in the past two years, but my soul needs it. Even more today. I’m sure some people will think she should just call it off. But one thing is clear to me right now. When I was young, I started singing for joy, to fill my soul, and as a form of self-love therapy. That hasn’t changed, and I have to deal with this in my own way.

“I want to be honest about how I feel and not hide it. I have earned that. I want to be as true to myself as I can be right now. Not just for the audience but also for myself and my little baby, who tried its hardest. I know myself, so I know I would talk about it on stage because that’s who I am. So instead of giving a teary-eyed speech to try to explain my energy. This seems safer.”

The actress, who dated Channing Tatum before, added: “I chose to give birth on my own. Because it is all I’ve ever wanted and life is short. Getting pregnant was a miracle in and of itself, and it’s something I’ll never forget and know I’ll have again.

“I’m still shocked, and the sadness is too much for me to handle. But I know I’m strong and that I’ll be all right. I also know that millions of women around the world have felt much worse pain than this. I feel like I know both the people I know and those I don’t know.

“It’s the most lonely feeling there is. So, LA, I’ll see you tonight. I might not make as many jokes, but my heart will be there.”

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