Is Elizabeth Banks Pregnant? Is It Truth Or Rumor?

Elizabeth Banks is an actress and director from the United States. She was born Elizabeth Irene Mitchell on February 10, 1974. She is known for playing Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games movie series and Gail Abernathy-McKadden in the Pitch Perfect movie series. Banks’ first movie as a director was Pitch Perfect 2, which launched in 2015 and made $69 million in its first weekend, which was a record for a first-time director.

She also starred in, directed and produced the action comedy Charlie’s Angels. Banks and her husband, Max Handelman, started Brownstone Productions in October 2002. It makes movies and TV shows. Is Elizabeth Banks pregnant?  We’ll talk about Is Elizabeth Banks Pregnant in this article. So, please read this article all the way through to find out if Elizabeth Banks is pregnant.

Is Elizabeth Banks Pregnant?

No, Elizabeth is not pregnant and can’t have kids right now. In 2019, the mother of two wrote on her website that she had trouble getting pregnant in the past.

In actuality, I have a broken belly, so that’s the only real problem I’ve had to deal with so far. Before we turned to gestational surrogacy, we tried for years to get pregnant on our own. When that didn’t work, we looked into different types of assisted reproduction technology.

She said that having her first child, Felix, was a miracle and so was finding her carrier and her husband. What does it mean for Elizabeth to wear a baggy suit?

Some About Elizabeth Banks’ Husband:

Elizabeth Banks' Husband:

Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman got married in 2003, years after they met at the University of Pennsylvania. Elizabeth says she would have never guessed that she would feel an instant connection with the man who would become her future husband on the first day of school.

Elizabeth told Allure in a 2015 interview, “When I first met my husband, I didn’t think, ‘This is the man I’m going to marry. When I saw him for the first time, I thought, “Aw, he’s so cute!” I’m going to f**k him now that I’m 18 and in college.

I’ve never met somebody I liked more,” Elizabeth said. When I was younger, did I have crushes or weird hobbies? My husband and I both did, but we didn’t break up. Even now, we don’t lose sight of the big picture.

Elizabeth and Max work together to raise their two sons and run their business. The couple runs a production company that has put out movies like Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, as well as Charlie’s Angels, which Elizabeth wrote, produced and directed.

She told Women’s Health, “Working together gives us a lot of balance and gives us a chance to see each other since I travel so much for work.” Elizabeth went on, “And my marriage is great; it will last a long time.” Every Friday at 9 p.m. EST, a new episode of the ABC show Press Your Luck airs.

Elizabeth Banks Children:

Elizabeth and Max Handelman have two sons. When her “miracle child” was born in 2011, she named him Felix. She has said that he is like the Latin word for “lucky” or “happy,” which she has also used to describe him.

Also in 2012, Magnus Mitchell Handelman, their second son, came into the world. Elizabeth has already told the Center for Surrogate Parenting how thankful she is that they helped bring her children into the world.

They are 20 months apart in age. When asked about having kids, she told The Independent, “I still feel judged for what I did in the past, and most people don’t understand my current career and life choices.” If telling other people about my experiences makes them feel like they are not alone, I will think of it as a privilege.

Elizabeth doesn’t often post pictures of her son Max on social media. Instead, she likes to talk about herself. She just got back from a trip to Greece, where she is likely with her family.

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