Leandro Karnal Is Gay? Is He Married?

Leandro Karnal is a Brazilian TV personality and a former university professor who was born on February 1, 1963. He taught at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas until 2019. Karnal has written books about history, especially about the history of the Americas and religion. He was born in So Leopoldo and is well-known in Brazil for his work to make philosophy more accessible to the general public. He gives talks all over the country. In 2020, he joined CNN Tonight, a nightly talk show on CNN Brasil, as a co-host.

Is Leandro Karnal Gay?

Leandro Karnal is not gay. He is homosexual.

Who Is Leandro Karnal’s Husband?

Vitor Fadul, a 26-year-old singer, is Leandro’s husband (33 years younger than the researcher). The professor has always been very private about his personal life, but he explained the reason for the news.

“But it seems like there is a time when not saying it can look like you agree with prejudices. I’m happy with my life. Part of that is love, “He put words on paper.

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