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Is From Scratch Based On A True Story? What Sparked The Netflix Series?

From Scratch is the latest limited series to take the streaming platform by storm. It is a big-picture fairy tale about love and loss. The show is about a woman named Amahle “Amy” Wheeler, who stops going to law school to move to Italy and study art. Zoe Saldana plays her.

Amy doesn’t expect to fall in love with Lino, a Sicilian chef, and have a romance that takes them all over the world (Eugenio Mastrandrea). The series is also based on a true story, which is pretty cool.

Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’ is a tear-jerker

Netflix's 'From Scratch' Is Tembi Locke's True Story - Eater

From Scratch starts off like a fast-paced love story, but fans of the limited series know it’s much more than that. Instead, the show is about how love and family are strong. Writer and executive producer Tembi Locke said that the series moves in a linear way so that viewers can experience things the same way the characters did.

This makes people feel even more emotion. She told Shadow and Act, “We knew we had to tell it in a straight line, not in pieces.” “That was one of the first decisions we made because we didn’t want the audience to get lost in time and space if we were going to ask them to feel deep grief and go to hard places.

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The story in “From Scratch” is real

From Scratch, fans will be surprised to learn that Amy’s story is based on the real-life love story in the book From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home by Tembi Locke.

In the book, Locke talks about how the author met and fell in love with her late husband, Rosario “Saro” Gullo, and then had to say goodbye to him because of cancer. Attica Locke, who runs the show, told Tudum that about 20% of it is based on hard facts.

“Some parts of our show are exact copies of what really happened, right down to how things are set up on the set and where people stand.” Zoe Saldana knows someone who worked on the limited series.

Saldaa has never lost a spouse to cancer, but she did lose her father in a car accident when she was 9 years old. It changed how she thought about grief and gave her a chance to get into the character of Amy.

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Tembi Locke told Shadow and Act, “Zoe and I talked a lot about things, so I felt very sure.” “By the time we got to the set, I thought, ‘Alright, this scene is in good hands.'” At times, it was just too much. There was a lot to think about.

Some scenes are literally reenactments of what happened, frame by frame. There’s a fine line to walk, but I also had Attica there to say, “You don’t need to be here today. ” Saldaa’s husband, the artist Marco Perego, is Italian, so the fact that she could already speak Italian was helpful.

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