Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date, & Latest Updates

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date, & Latest Updates

When will Chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter come out? It’s been 3 years since the show paused in airing and fans are still waiting for its return this year. However, it seems as though the wait will continue indefinitely.

When is the Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date and Time?

Togashi Masashi took a break from the comic after suffering from debilitating back pain. There were discussions of this issue before, and there have been a few smaller breaks over the years for health reasons.

I am not sure if you caught this but Togashi-sensei’s author comments in his weekly Shonen Jump Author Commentary are the most real thing you’ll ever read.

Some believe while this is true, Togashi has a talented team and is an amazing writer – so why can’t he release the chapter?

The last tweet by Yoshihiro Togashi was on June 20, 2017.

The writer has not given a release date, seemingly for more than two years.

Fans of Togashi’s series have barely been able to contain their excitement with the announcement that Hunter x Hunter is ending its record-breaking hiatus, which has gone on for over 100 issues. We hope that this is just a difficult phase that Togashi will be able to overcome and write Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 soon.Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391

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What will happen in Chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter?

The most recent release date is September 30th, 2019. However, some fans have speculated that the Princes will be in this upcoming chapter. The speculation is partly due to the Dark Continent Expedition arc coming to an end with this text

The rivalry between fellow Hunter X Hunter fans ended in a stalemate, with some being convinced that the enemies had found Hina and his friends while others argued that Chapter 391 would bring about big changes.

After posting, “Hunter x Hunter chapter 400 is finished” Rin Togashi released recent information that he was done with 10 chapters. Fans quickly concluded that up to chapter 391 had been completed. There have been no updates from either the author or Shounen Jump so far, and in turn, fans are left waiting for more news on the release.

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