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Hulk Hogan’s Net Worth 2022, Income, Age, New GirlFriend, Ex- Wife and Carrier


If someone asks you to name one person who wrestled for over 30 years, appeared in multiple hit Hollywood films, is a pop-culture icon, was a part of almost every adult today, helped make the WWF the world’s largest wrestling promotion, and is the most controversial figure in wrestling history, you have only one answer: Hulk Hogan.

Being the most divisive person in wrestling history, Hulk accomplished a great deal during his tenure. Whether it was global titles with the corporations for which he worked, celebrities, or the colossal fan base that Hulk still has to this day, he got it all.

Even though he is one of the most political wrestlers in the history of any wrestling company he has ever worked for, we cannot overlook the accomplishments that have resulted in him enjoying the luxurious lifestyle he now enjoys as the reason for this being one of the most necessary careers in wrestling.

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The Net Worth of Hulk Hogan

Before his wrestling career, Hulk Hogan led the life of a local musician in Florida. He was as popular as he could be, given the band’s recent success in Tampa Bay. That money from music performances pales compared to his wrestling career earnings and Hulk Hogan’s Net Worth.

Hulk Hogan’s Source of Income

Hulk Hogan’s WWE earnings came from the company’s bookers since he was paid weekly when working in the CWF and NWA territories in Alabama and Memphis.

He made money while under contract with NJPW, AWA, and WWF, where he earned money from his base wage, pay-per-view bonuses, merchandise sales, product sales, and video game appearances.

The same was true of the contracts with WCW and TNA. He now gets money from legendary contracts, endorsements, and litigation.

Endorsements of Hulk Hogan’s Brands

Hulk Hogan’s business interests span a variety of industries, including the food industry, finance, video games by Gameloft, commercials, show hosting, nutrition, restaurants, web hosting, and voiceovers.

hulk hogan net worth

The Automobile Collection of Hulk Hogan

Throughout his years of extravagant spending, the Hulk has admitted that cars, houses, and vacations were the primary drain on his finances during his peak career years.

Still, perhaps the car for which he is best known is his beloved 1994 custom-painted Dodge Viper, which comes in those iconic Hulkster colors of red and yellow.

He possesses an incredible automobile collection that no one believes. Additionally, the automobile bears a Hulkamania emblem. Additionally, the Hulkster has a 2010 Camaro in the same color scheme.

Relationship Status of Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan’s first marriage lasted a long time and was quite lovely. In 1983, he married Linda Claridge. They have two children (Brooke Hogan and Nick Hogan).

Hogan and Linda split in 2007 after 24 years of marriage. Linda said that Hogan was having an affair with Christiane Plante during the shooting of Hogan knows best.

However, Hogan has repeatedly denied the claim. Linda retained 30% of Couple Liquid Assets, which totals around $10 million.

Hogan is now engaged to Jennifer McDaniel. They both married in 2010 following a year of dating and an engagement in 2009.

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Hulk Hogan’s Television and Film Appearances

Hulk Hogan was also in Hollywood and had a respectable career. His success in Hollywood is a result of his popularity in wrestling.

He did have a television career for about a decade, from 2005 to 2015. He frequently appeared on television as a guest on chat shows. In 1986, he even hosted Saturday Night Live.

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