How Old Is Eren In Attack On Titan?

Attack on Titan concluded its 13-year run in April 2021. Despite this, its effect on pop culture and followers worldwide remains enormous. It has spawned many memes and memorabilia, and the series is still often discussed on social media. 

Anime-only viewers have yet to witness the second half of the final season, which will reveal what occurs after the whole saga.

Hajime Isayama developed the shnen manga series Attack on Titan. It started serialization in 2009 under the title Bessatsu Shonen. Wit Studio produced an anime version of the novel in 2013. 

They produced the show for three seasons. MAPPA is animating the fourth and last season. The series has been very profitable and popular during its run, even becoming one of the top-selling manga for the first half of 2021.

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This post-apocalyptic series takes place in a world where huge Titans roam the earth, devouring humanity. Thus, humanity has been compelled to dwell in three-walled enclosures for their protection. 

Their only hope of retaliation so far has been via their military, particularly the Survey Corps, which conducts excursions outside the walls to discover more about and kill these monstrous monsters.

The story’s protagonist is a little kid called Eren Jaeger. He resides in Shiganshina, one of the places inside Wall Maria’s outermost wall. Humanity had existed in relative peace until the Titans broke the wall, as mentioned above.

Eren is even more eager to join the military to eradicate the Titans as part of his vengeance after losing his mother in this horrible occurrence.

Attack on Titan’s plot covers a considerable amount of time. Thus, throughout the series, how old is Eren?

The story begins in 850, but let us take a little detour beforehand. The break-in Wall Maria occurred in 845. Eren was around ten years old at the time. Two years later, he and his childhood pals Mikasa and Armin decide to enroll in the military.

Returning to the year 850, he is 15 years old when he graduates from the Cadet Corps. The time jump (start of Season 4) occurs four years later, making him 19 years old at the series’ conclusion.

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It isn’t easy to imagine that the characters were so young for most events. However, it is not unusual to encounter a group of traumatized kids in similar shnen tales or scenarios.

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