How Did Paul Silas Die At The Age Of 79? What Really Happened To Him?

Paul Silas had a heart attack and died at home on Saturday night. The basketball world is sad about the death of Paul Silas, who was an NBA coach and winner.

His daughter, Paula Silas-Guy, told The New York Times that Silas died Saturday night at his home in Denver, North Carolina.

Silas-Guy said that her father died of a heart attack. He had lived for 79 years. Silas had a long and successful career in the league. Before becoming a coach, he played for 16 years.

In 1964, Silas was the 10th player picked in the second round of the draught. The most important thing about Silas is that he won two NBA titles with the Boston Celtics and a third with the Seattle SuperSonics.

After he stopped playing basketball, Silas coached several NBA teams, starting with the then-San Diego Clippers in 1980.

Silas was LeBron James’s first head coach in the NBA. After his death, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers paid tribute to him. James, 37, said, “Probably one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever been around. The start of my journey in this league started with him.”

how did paul silas die

Stephen Silas, his son, is the head coach of the Houston Rockets right now. Stephen, who is 49, didn’t play in Sunday’s win by the Rockets. John Lucas took his place and gave the team’s victory to the Silas family. “That one goes to Coach. “That’s for him.”

The Associated Press says that after Silas died, NBA legend Michael Jordan thought fondly of him. Jordan is a part owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. For a number of seasons, Silas was the team’s head coach.

Jordan said, “He used the knowledge he gained as an NBA player and coach for almost 40 years and his natural sense of how to mix discipline with his never-ending optimism.”

“On or off the court, Paul was always upbeat and interesting, and he had a story for every situation. He was one of the best players in our sport’s history, and he will be missed.”

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