‘Grand Army’ Season 2: Know Why Netflix Cancels After One Season?

After months of deliberation, Netflix has decided to cancel Grand Army after only one season. This isn’t surprising given the series’ lack of hype or attention upon its initial release, not to mention the controversy surrounding series showrunner Katie Cappiello.

Katie Cappiello wrote and created the Netflix Original coming-of-age drama series Grand Army. The show is based on Katie Cappiello’s 2013 play Slut: The Play. Beau Willimon and Joshua Donen are the series’ producers. Westward was in charge of the series’ production.

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Grand Army season 2 Netflix renewal status

(Last Updated: 06/07/2021) Official Netflix Renewal Status: Canceled

Netflix took several months to make a decision, but the streaming service has finally decided to cancel Grand Army after only one season.

Grand Army had made it into the top ten Netflix lists around the world, but it was clearly not popular enough for Netflix to renew it.

Why Netflix Cancels After Grand Army One Season?

The show debuted on the platform on October 16, 2020, and was cancelled in June 2021 after only one season. Netflix did not specify the reason for the cancellation, but it is most likely a combination of factors. This includes, among other things, behind-the-scenes squabbles and a lack of viewership.

grand army season 2 release date

What Could Have Plot in Grand Army Season 2 ?

‘Grand Army’ follows five students at Grand Army High School in Brooklyn, New York, as they try to navigate life and find success in the midst of sexual, racial, and economic politics.

The show has addressed many deep issues that prevent the main characters from reaching their full potential.

Toward the end of season one, John accepted Dom’s invitation to prom. Jay’s powerful protest during All-State Performance brought the show to a close. Jay stood with his fists in the air and his sax in the other hand, engulfing the entire theatre in silence, his mouth taped shut.

In season 2, this protest will hopefully bring real attention to Grand Army’s systemic racism.

Season 1’s episode finale, aptly titled ‘Freedom,’ has brought moments of freedom, eventually leading to a glimmer of hope for the main characters.

The battle has only just begun, and more work needs to be done in season 2.

Who Is in the cast of Grand Army?

The series’ main cast members include Odessa A’zion as Joey Del Marco, Odley Jean as Dominique “Dom” Pierre, Amir Bageria as Siddhartha “Sid” Pakam, Maliq Johnson as Jayson “Jay” Jackson, Amalia Yoo as Leila Kwan Zimmer, Alphonso Romero Jones, II as John Ellis, Thelonius Serrell-Freed as Tim Delaney, Anthony Ippolito as George

The Grand Army Controversy

Before its release, ‘Grand Army’ was dogged by controversy, with playwright and screenwriter Ming Peiffer and two other writers of colour leaving the show due to alleged “racist exploitation and abuse.”

These allegations sparked outrage, especially since one of the show’s central themes is racism.

Trailer for Grand Army season 2

We don’t have trailer for grand army season 2

If you haven’t seen ‘Grand Army,’ we’re dropping the season 1 trailer for you. Netflix has full episodes available.

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