Good Girls Season 5 Has Been Canceled – Why It Didn’t Happen!

Fans of Good Girls will be disappointed to learn that the season just released on Netflix will be the final season of the comedy-drama starring Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman.

According to multiple outlets, the show’s fourth season finale was a foregone conclusion, and the show would receive a final, shorter fifth season that would conclude the story. This, however, did not occur, and it is possible that fans will never learn how the show’s story was supposed to end.

Whitman presided over the show’s farewell tributes, declaring that she would “cry now” if the show was canceled. Everything you need to know about Good Girls’ decision not to renew the show for another season can be found right here.

Season 5 Of Good Girls Has Been Canceled!

NBC has decided not to renew Good Girls for a fifth season. The current status of the show has been canceled. The beloved but under-watched online drama series has been canceled after four seasons on NBC due to low viewership.

According to Deadline, efforts to move the series to Netflix — which serves as its streaming home following a global rights deal for the series — appear to have failed, and the series will not be available on the streaming giant as an original series for season five.

Why Was Cancelled The Good Girl?

Good Girls will be canceled by NBC on June 25, 2021. It was on NBC’s list of canceled shows that year, along with Manifest, Debris, and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Good Girls’ fourth and final season aired during the summer of 2021, concluding with a massive cliffhanger that has yet to be resolved.

Its cancellation was, unfortunately, not entirely unexpected at the time. From 2020 to 2021, Good Girls was the worst-performing scripted show on NBC, with 1.474 million viewers, a nearly 20% drop from the third season.

However, Good Girls has done extremely well on streaming. According to Deadline, it was NBC’s No. 2 digital performer in June 2021. The show also had a co-production and international distribution deal with Netflix.

Good Girls Season 5 Cast

Season 5 of Good Girls has been canceled. Season 5 has no new cast members, according to NBC. We recall the cast members of Good Girls Season 4.

  • Christina Hendricks. Beth Boland.
  • Lidya Jewett. Sara Hill.
  • Matthew Lillard. Dean Boland.
  • Manny Montana. Rio.
  • Retta. Ruby Hill.
  • Mae Whitman. Annie Marks.
  • Reno Wilson. Stan Hill.
  • Shane Coffey. Kevin.

Good Girls Season 5 Plot

Good Girls Season 5 has been canceled. Here’s the previous season’s plot.

Whether or not you were prepared for the conclusion of NBC’s crime drama “Good Girls,” the time has finally come. Due to a sudden cancellation, “Nevada” is the series’ final episode.

The episode’s conclusion leaves the door open for a continuation of the story, but it also provides clarity and perspective to Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks), Ruby Hill (Retta), Annie Marks (Katie Cassidy), and their friends’ journeys (Mae Whitman).

In the final episode, Beth wins city council and leaks evidence implicating Rio’s (Manny Montana) cousin Nick (Joel Serricchio) in criminal activities. Beth and her company’s journey into the criminal underground are never without danger. Beth’s two victories are just a patch on a cracking dam.

Following their involvement with Vance, Beth’s husband Dean (Matthew Lillard) and Ruby’s husband Stan (Reno Wilson) face a parallel ordeal (Breckin Meyer). Everyone seems to be settling on using a recent cash influx to start over in Nevada, despite not seeing a painless way out of their various predicaments.

Mick visits Beth before her dream comes true (Carlos Aviles). After telling her she’ll face “consequences,” he shoots her and drops the gun by her body as she dies. This prepares us for the “Good Girls” shocking ending.

Where To Watch Good Girls Season 5

Every episode of Good Girls is currently available on Netflix in the United States. Amazon sells individual episodes as well as entire seasons.

Good Girls Season 5 Trailer

There is no official trailer for Good Girl Season 5 because the show has been canceled by NBC. You are able to Trailer for Season 4 of Good Girls


Is Rio in love with Beth?

Showrunner Bill Krebs hinted that Rio likes Beth. Since season 2, Rio and Beth have only worked together.

Is Beth pregnant by Rio?

Beth isn’t pregnant, and the doctor knew it (thanks, Rhea) and lied (which worries us for the doctor; Rio won’t be happy if he finds out). Beth thanks the OBGYN, who says, “Thank your friend”

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