Season 13 Of Gold Rush Will Premiere On Discovery Channel On September 2022

Gold Rush is a television show that delves into the realms of reality and adventure. For its first season, Gold Rush was titled Gold Rush: Alaska, and it airs on Discovery.

The series is set in the United States, with English as its primary language. Christo Doyle is the show’s executive producer, and Raw TV is the production company involved. Locations for filming include Klondike, Yukon, Canada, and Alaska, USA (for the previously aired season Season).

Gold Rush Season 13 Premiere Date

The release date for Gold Rush Season 13 is September 30th, 2022. The new season will be available on the television streaming service Discover. As of now, no information has been provided about where the show will be available to stream outside of Discovery.

Gold Rush Season 13 Plot

The plot of Gold Rush season 13 will revolve around the series’ basic theme of miners and their never-ending search for gold, but things will be different this time.

Due to rising gas prices, miners will be seen not only mining gold but also reintroducing it into the ground. With new developing competitions, soaring fuel prices, supply chain issues, and falling gold prices, the stakes will be raised significantly at this time.

Gold Rush Season 13 Cast

The cast of Gold Rush Season 13 will include Fred Lewis of Team Misfit, Parker Schnabel, and Tony Beeys. Rick Ness and his team will not be back this season.
It is also expected that some new cast members, such as Brandon and Brady Clayton, will join the lineup in the upcoming season.

Gold Rush Season 13 Expectations?

The upcoming season thirteen of the show is expected to include some changes, rumor has it due to the increase in gas prices. The producers and the cast members have agreed to change the series’ concept; the cast members will no longer be seen mining for gold, but rather attempting to reintroduce the gold that they had discovered previously.

As a result, the miners will face an entirely new and unique challenge this time. The mining veterans will continue their laborious and time-consuming search for gold, this time expanding their operation from the Klondike to Alaska. They will face stiff and serious competition. The miners will find it difficult to take on the new never-ending challenges.

The entire world is going to be messed up, and Tony Beets will be seen struggling with red tape. Fred, on the other hand, will pay for his lack of experience. It has also been reported that Rick Ness will not return for the 13th season.

Gold Rush Season 13 Trailer

The show’s producers have yet to release a trailer for Gold Rush Season 13.

Guide for Episode 13 of Gold Rush

Fans have yet to provide an episode guide for the upcoming season of Gold Rush. The upcoming season thirteen is expected to have a total of twenty-two episodes, with each episode lasting approximately fifty-five minutes to sixty minutes.

The twenty-two episodes will not be released all at once, but rather on a weekly basis. The episodes are primarily produced in English, but they will also be available to stream in other dubbed versions.

WhereTo Watch Gold Rush Season 13

Season 13 of Gold Rush will be available to watch on the television streaming service Discovery. Aside from that, the show will be available to stream on various online streaming websites throughout the internet.


The average wage on Parker Schnabel’s crew is around $34 per hour.

What does Parker pay Mitch?

Mitch Blaschke earns $100,000 per season as a Parker mechanic and $25,000 per episode on Gold Rush.

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