Ghost Face Reveal: How Does Ghost Look When He’s Not Wearing His Mask?

Simon “Ghost” Riley is a legendary figure in Modern Warfare. The masked madman has been an important part of the series, and ever since he was reimagined in a different timeline, we’ve been hoping he’d let us see behind the mask, waiting for the MW2 Ghost face reveal.

Ghost has been a part of Task Force 141 for a long time, so his alias is often the subject of speculation. Many theories focus on who has or hasn’t shared a room with the sniper specialist.

So, seeing his face would put a lot of theories to rest, wouldn’t it? Well, there is kind of an MW2 Ghost face reveal, and it made people even more excited.

Who Is Ghost?

At this point, it’s easier to figure out who isn’t Ghost. Since Price, Soap, Gaz, and Vargas were all there when the face was shown, it’s easy to rule them out. Roach, Shepherd, Yuri, and Nikolai can also be ruled out because we’ve already seen Ghost in a different timeline. Even though these are different stories and canons, they won’t have Ghosts as two different people.

Alex, a character from Modern Warfare 2019 who doesn’t appear in the original series, is a strong candidate. But there is no sign that Ghost has a prosthetic leg, while Alex lost his left shin and lower leg in an explosion at the end of the 2019 campaign.

Ghost could instead just be Simon Riley. In the MW2 Ghost face reveal, we only see the back of his head. He might be afraid of the camera.

MW2 Ghost Face Reveal

During the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, there are many small comments about who Ghosts really is. His longtime friend John “Soap” MacTavish even asks him to take off the mask.

Well, Ghost does exactly that later, when the Task Force gets back together to fight a common enemy while all wearing one of Ghost’s masks.

Still, the cutscene doesn’t quite jump to his face. We only see the back of his head, which shows that he is white and has light brown hair.

But Samuel Roukin, who plays Ghost, went on Twitter to show what he looks like behind that important mask. Since every other character in MW2 uses the actor’s face, we think that if Ghost ever gets a full face reveal in the game, he might look a little like this:

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