Nyanners Face Reveal: Vtuber Shows Her Fans Her Secret Face

Nyanner‘s face reveal is one of the most talked-about things in the VTubers community right now. A few days ago, she showed her real-life self in a ghillie suit and now she has shown her fans her face.

Who is Nyanners?

Nyanners is one of the most popular VTubers on Twitch. More than a million people follow her channel.
She hides her face from the public, just like other VTubers in the community. These VTubers use animated characters as their face cams, which make the same expressions as their own faces.

But on November 30, she finally gave a sneak peek of what she really looks like, which surprised a lot of people. The excitement was clear after the reveal, and Nyanners was finally ready to do a face reveal and show her fans what she looks like now that she has a lot of fans.

Nyanners Face Reveal?

“I’m going to change how my camera works. “Hold on, just a second,” says Nyanners as she gets ready for her big reveal. The music in the background then changes to a solemn melody, which builds up the tension.


Nyanners doesn’t show her face to her viewers. Instead, she pranks them by putting on a scary cat mask and only showing her body.

“Ah sh*t! She says, “Oh sh*t!” while wearing a cat mask, and everyone in her Twitch chat dies laughing.

Nyanners reacted to the reveal of her own face after the fact, but she noticed something that many fans didn’t see at first.

“I forgot there’s a big f**king mirror behind me, so you can see the back of my head,” says Nyanners, laughing so hard he can’t speak. “It’s so f*cked up.”

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