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G4 Controversy Explained, G4 Lossing Followers Due To After Frosk Speaks Out Against Sexism On Stream

Amouranth always seems to create a stir wherever she goes. Amouranth’s life has had its fair share of tragedy, despite her shady side. In other words, she’s a person, complex and deserving of consideration on the internet, but not outright hatred. Amouranthh has been busy on Twitch lately, inventing a strange new meta in which she rolls around in a pool of plastic balls, bouncing them together for some soothing ASMR sounds. Amouranth appears to have a lot of plastic balls after investing in a plastic ball company, which is what brought her to G4, where she’s reignited a conversation about sexism in the gaming industry – and specifically on platforms like G4.

“It has somehow been expected that you can talk about how much you jerked off to women as a compliment,” she continued. “It’s not a compliment. It’s dehumanizing, and it’s weird. Women do not exist to be nice on the eyes for you. Morgan Webb, Olivia Munn, did not exist to be nice on the eyes for you.”

The first gaming network, G4, was a television channel dedicated solely to video games and gaming culture. It was instrumental in launching Olivia Munn’s acting career, but it fell apart shortly after she left “XPlay,” one of the channel’s highest-rated shows. G4 has returned, albeit in a different role than before. The gaming channel is available via streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, rather than on television. G4 has a multi-year contract with Twitch, according to VentureBeat, where it airs the majority of its content. While the channel has made the transition to streaming, some argue that it is still stuck in the gender stereotypes of its early years.

Froskurinn’s current predicament

g4 Frosk

Amouranth’s appearance on G4’s “AustinShow” sparked debate because it appeared to contradict recent statements made by the network. G4’s official Twitter account shared a clip from one of its shows in early 2022, in which host Froskurinn, or Indiana Black, gave a moving speech about sexism in the gaming community. While hosting, Black said she watches the chat and notices people who are upset that she isn’t “as bangable” as the previous hosts, Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb. She went on to say that women aren’t objects and aren’t supposed to be attractive to gamers, and that men don’t have the right to attractive women. She also stated that, while the majority of the “XPlay” hosts receive “flame” for not being Adam Sessler, the show’s original host, she is frequently subjected to a different type of dehumanising criticism that the other (male) hosts are not subjected to.

G4’s Twitter account said at the time that it (and presumably the network as a whole) supported Froskurinn’s statements, but after seeing Amouranth’s appearance on the network, viewers aren’t so sure. Vtubers attempted to guess the price of various items presented by the hosts in a 70s-style “Price is Right” skit, in which Amouranth made an appearance. Amouranth appeared in a purple bikini as the hosts demonstrated a children’s pool filled with plastic balls. The hosts joked that the ball pit was worth more now that Amouranth had sat in it, and one of the Vtubers inquired about Amouranth’s price in addition to the ball pit. While the clip appeared to be on brand for Amouranth, who frequently flaunts her body on her streams, some viewers interpreted it as a direct rebuttal to Frostkurinn’s previous statements.

After Frosk discussed sexism in gaming, the gaming community reacted with outrage.


The gaming community’s reaction to the moment was mixed, despite the fact that it seemed genuine and powerful at the time. Other gamers, on the other hand, thought Frosk was unhinged and generalising them. The speech was panned by male gamers in general.

The following are some of the titles of YouTube videos created in response to the current situation:

  • G4 Hates Its Fans — The Complete Meltdown of Frosk
  • Frosk Ends G4
  • Angry Feminist Has EPIC Meltdown Over Not Being Attractive
  • Frosk Couldn’t Take the Heat and Says Male Gamers are Sexist

A vocal group of gamers was clearly offended by Frosk’s tirade about her own experiences as a host on G4 during the show. For some reason, instead of talking about the possibility that women are used as sex slaves, the gaming community decided to say Frosk was jealous of Olivia Munn. Instead of discussing the criticism Frosk has received in comparison to her male co-hosts, the gaming community has decided that Frosk was ruining the show by her very presence.

Even in G4’s own YouTube video of Frosk’s speech, a fan wrote the following: “While projecting her own insecurities onto others, she has just made a flurry of abusive assumptions. If she is only criticised because “she ain’t bangable,” then she is implying that she is perfect in every way. What a psychotic, rage-fueled ranting fit. G4 has been defeated. You’ve finished.”

Another person wrote: “This is so sad, because I really enjoyed the content they produced back in the day. Morgan and Olivia did an excellent job; they were knowledgeable about gaming and a lot of fun to watch. Because they were attractive, this woman attacked them. I’m out after another one of them was killed.”

Frosk has been dubbed “unprofessional” by some, while others claim they felt “lectured” about something they weren’t even doing because of his behaviour. No one can comment on Frosk’s own experiences as a host, so the validity of some gamers’ frustrations cannot be denied. Gamergirl Frosk has received a barrage of harassment for speaking out against gaming’s gender bias.

Several gamers have hailed Frosk’s bravery for speaking out against the sexism she has faced in the gaming industry so far. The gaming community was questioned as to whether or not they could handle the truth. However, despite the support, Frosk is now the victim of a massive backlash and harassment that can’t go unnoticed anymore.

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