Will ‘Firefly Lane’ Return to Netflix for Season 3?

The drama and romance Netflix show Firefly Lane, starring Katherine Heigl and Kate Mularkey, has an exciting story structure and a plot that spans about thirty years. It mixes glimpses of current events with flashbacks that show things from different characters’ points of view.

This makes us wonder why Kate is so cold to Tully now when in the past they were inseparable after Kate helped Tully after she was attacked at a party. With so much to discover, will there be a third season of Firefly Lane?

The friendship between the “Firefly Lane girls” goes through many changes. When Tully’s grandmother died, Kate and Tully lived together for a while as if they were sisters. But at the end of season one, Kate told Tully she couldn’t come to her house or stay there for the holidays.

That’s a lot to answer for because friends don’t stop being friends like that. Some might hope for a third season because of this. But only part of the second season has come out so far.

Will There Be A Firefly Lane Season 3?

Even though Season 2 has only had nine episodes so far there is still a lot for Firefly Lane to figure out before the show is over. Does that mean that Firefly Lane will have a third season? Sadly, no. The plan is still for Season 2 which will have 16 episodes, to be the last season of the show. On October 3, 2022, Netflix said that Season 2 would be the last time you could stream Firefly Lane.

Since then, nothing has changed. At the end of Episode 9 the streaming service showed a one-minute preview of Season 2, Part 2, so fans would know that “The Final Chapter” would be available to stream on June 8, 2023.

The show was based on Hannah’s book series, which only has two books: Firefly Lane and Fly Away. So it makes sense that the Netflix show would only have two seasons. And if the show stays true to the book, especially about what happens to Kate, we can see why it would end after Season 2.

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