Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Release Date Status Set For Fall 2022 On Amc – Everything You Need To Know

The horror spin-off from AMC has officially been renewed for an eighth season, which is good news for fans of The Walking Dead.

After seeing the thrilling season seven conclusion, we are eagerly wondering what will happen next, as Deadline first revealed the news back in December.

Eighth season of Fear the Walking Dead information is provided below.

After The Walking Dead spinoff Season 7 fall finale, AMC revealed on Sunday night’s Talking Dead that Fears the Walking Dead has been renewed for an eighth season.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Release Date:

In recent years, the format of the show has changed; seasons are now divided into two halves.

Since then, the first installment has always been broadcast in the fall, and the second installment returns in the spring. It follows that season eight will probably follow suit if the production trend holds.

Accordingly, season eight is probably going to premiere in the fall of 2022, and part two will probably follow in the spring of 2023.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Cast

Fear the Walking Dead viewers bid goodbye to Alycia Debnam-Carey, one of the cast members who has been with the show the longest and has played the role of Alicia since it debuted back in 2015.

The majority of the episode was spent by Alicia fighting a fever she believed to be the infection from her severed bite taking hold. By the end of the episode, though, she had fully recovered, made peace with Victor (Colman Domingo), and was ready to embark on a new mission.

Alycia Debnam-Carey announced that it was her final episode in an Instagram post, despite the fact that she is still alive gave supporters hope for her future comeback.

The actress posted on Twitter: “To my beloved @feartwd family, today marks the conclusion of an unbelievable and life-changing adventure of playing Alicia Clark…

“We started this insane journey when I was 21 years old, but now that I’m 28, after seven years and 100 episodes, I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on as an actor and as a person. I have to look for fresh challenges and possibilities in order to write a new chapter for myself because that is how our occupations are by their very nature.

When she gave her life at the stadium during a zombie onslaught led by the Vultures in season seven, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), who had previously been off-screen dead during the fourth season, made a comeback.

Dickens’ participation in season 8 as a series regular has also been confirmed.

If there were a Mount Deadmore, Kim Dickens’ face would be on it, according to Scott Gimple, chief content officer for the world of The Walking Dead (via Entertainment Weekly). A fundamental figure in TWD, Madison Clark is a hero, a complex individual who first transforms into a warrior before becoming a force for good.

The return of Kim Dickens will electrify TWDU once more, and we couldn’t be luckier to have her.

The characters are played by Colman Domingo’s Victor Strand, Austin Amelio Dwight, Danay Garcia’s Luciana, Jenna Elfman’s June, Rubén Blades’ Daniel, Karen David’s Grace, and Mo Collins’ Sarah are also likely to make a comeback in season eight. occurred during the fourth season, when she gave her life at the stadium during a zombie attack led by the Vultures to allow the others to flee.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Plot

A seafood sign in Louisiana, where Morgan’s raft touched down in the season seven finale, proved that PADRE does indeed exist, however, their precise location is unknown.

In the last seconds, Morgan and Madison are forced toward a big boat at sea, suggesting that the PADRE base may be nearby.

Showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg confirmed this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, calling season eight’s finale “one of the boldest reinventions [they] have ever done.”

The eight season will “really be transferring the show to Savannah, Georgia, which is on the water,” according to Chambliss. The previous four seasons were set in Texas.

He went on: “The season comes to a close with Morgan and Madison leaving for a yacht. Therefore, I believe it is safe to state that the setting for season 8 will be quite different from what we have previously witnessed. And it will, in many respects, be concentrated around the sea.”

Goldberg continued by providing additional information about the new season and reiterating that we will discover more about the enigmatic PADRE.

“Madison is having a conversation with someone in a mirror-enclosed space in [season 7 episode 16]. We’re going to find out who’s on the other side of the mirror “He started. “In connection with going to Savannah, I may also mention that we always discuss reinventing the show each season.

“One of our major reinventions will be this one. We’ll introduce PADRE and sort of taking it for what it is by taking away the setting. But we anticipate that everyone will be shocked by the situations in which we discover the individuals. It’s a significant adjustment.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer

Sorry, but there isn’t a trailer yet. Keep an eye on this page since we’ve promised to keep you informed as soon as there is something to show.

Till than you can watch the series of season 7 below:

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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