Elon Musk’s New Twitter Profile Picture Reflects The Dogecoin Community Latest News

Elon Musk, the self-declared ‘Dogefather,’ has transformed his profile photo on Twitter into a headshot with Doge speculating in his sunglasses. He is observed wearing reflected, pilot-style glasses with a Shiba Inu puppy caught in them. 

Hence, the meme coin costs bounced yesterday but abandoned to continue to the profits now as Dogecoin was selling over 5% lower at $0.16, CoinDesk data displayed.

Musk has been able to tap doge rates on many occasions by sharing many sources and memes comparing to the dog-related cryptocurrency on his social media account. 

The modern layer of cryptocurrencies involving Dogecoin has been a matter for investors. Despite the recent drop, the meme money is up 3,459.9% year-to-date (YTD).

Elon Musk Holding His Doge Like A Champ

Musk’s Twitter image shift happened a day after he posted on Twitter that his son was ‘taking his Doge like a champ. “Lil X is keeping his Doge like a champ. Never told the term “sell” too once!” he posted on Twitter as a response to a user’s commentary.

‘Dogecoin is a joke cryptocurrency produced by software technicians in 2013. 

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Palmer humorously invented the slogan “Dogecoin” to himself and got to his Twitter account to post the new offensive line, “Spending in Dogecoin, pretty assured it’s the next great thing.” 

Instantly sparked concern from the meme-fired crypto area. Presently, Dogecoin co-producer Jackson Palmer has pushed the cryptocurrency industry, calling it ‘essentially right-wing,’ ‘hyper capitalistic’ technology.

In a string of tweets, Jackson Palmer composed harsh news regarding cryptocurrency. The Dogecoin co-creator composed, “After years of reading it, I guess that cryptocurrency is an essentially correct part, hyper-capitalistic technology developed.

Palmer continued that the cryptocurrency industry is managed by a powerful cartel of prosperous people who, with time, have grown to include many of the affiliated institutions attached to the existing centralized economic method they probably fixed out to follow.”

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