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Donald Trump Calls For ‘Strict Travel Advisory’ In Tri-State Area

The year 2020 has been a dark start for humanity. This year is still being unfavourable to the people of the world. All countries are suffering from losses. The coronavirus has been agitation to the world even after months of its outbreak. As of now, America is experiencing the worst of the disease. More than a thousand people died because of COVID-19 in America. The government of America is working hard to save its nation.

Corona Virus: The Outbreak

Coronavirus is an engineered virus. It is transmitted through human contacts. China is the prime city of infection, and the effects are worst for months in there. China managed itself in treating the disease with social distancing and proper sanitization behaviours and also treatments. But, the nation is still recovering from the worst. Now, America tops the list with an increase in the infected and death rate.

WHO states that America stands first in the list. There is a constant hike in the infected and death rate. There are still many countries that could not minimize their count of getting infectious. The infected people migrating to new places made the situation much worst.

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Trump’s Strong Travel Advisory For America

The mandatory steps of the government still look ineffective. Donald Trump, The President of America, is planning for Strict Travel Advisory in the Tri-state area. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are referred to as ‘The Tri-state Area’. This travel advisory seems crucial because of the population in the area.

Donald Trump, with his recommendation from White House Corona Task Force and The Governors of the Tri-state calls upon Strict Travel Advisory for the people. This is confirmed with his twitter┬ápost on Saturday 28.03.2020. This decision is in consultation with The Federal Government. ”The Quarantine will not be required” states Trump even though the Tri-state seems to have half of the rate while considering all other areas.

Could This Save America?

A short-term quarantine is expected, and also the people are confused. Believing in the power relying upon his shoulders, this could save the nation from the crisis. Trump also called this “The Chinese Virus”, and they are working on all the resources to find its cure. The situation in European countries and America looks far worse than China. Let’s hope for their recovery, and that’s all we could do.

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