Did Cora And Christian Break Up? Reality Behind Their Split Up Rumors!

The TikTokers posted a video that was taken at the airport and showed them finally meeting up after a long wait. Since then, the video has gone viral, and fans are still talking about how cute the couple is.

Did Cora And Christian Break Up?

Cora and Christian are well-known TikTokers, and their relationship has always been an inspiration to their fans. In the days before their long-awaited meeting, both of them posted a lot on their social media accounts. Cora went on Instagram to share updates about Christian’s flight and the countdown in her stories.

Cora Tilley And Christian Were Counting Seconds!

In one of her stories, she said that she was “about to throw up” as she waited for her boyfriend. Christian, meanwhile, told his fans on TikTok about where he was going and how excited he was to see his girlfriend.

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Where Do The Tiktokers Live?

Many people know that Cora and Christian are dating, but it’s not clear when they began dating. The two have worked together on a few songs and appeared in each other’s TikToks from different places.

Several sources say that Cora and her family live in Florida. In his Instagram bio, Christian says that he is from Michigan. It says that he is 17 years old as well. As for how popular they are on TikTok, Christian has more than 1.3 million followers on his main account and goes by the handle @chritianbanned.

Cora’s main account was banned from TikTok last month, so she is now using a different one. It’s not clear why her account was banned, but the ban still isn’t over.

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