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Dell Curry Girlfriend | Stephen Curry about to get a new Stepmother

It appears that Steph Curry may have a new stepmother.

In their divorce papers, it was reported earlier this week that Dell and his ex-wife Sonya accused each other of infidelity.

Divorce records spell out their acrimonious split.

Sonya Curry filed for divorce in June 2021 and said it was “provoked and justified” by Dell Curry’s misconduct.

She said Dell committed “illicit sexual misconduct” with different women during their marriage and that infidelity was known to the family and to close friends of the parties, according to the divorce records.

In response, Dell Curry, the former NBA player, accused Sonya Curry of having an affair with Steven Johnson, a former tight end with the New England Patriots. According to the divorce records, Dell Curry said Sonya Curry started the affair during their marriage and “lied each time she cheated.

Dell was seen with a new girlfriend on Friday night, a year after filing for divorce, to watch his son play in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

When Dell Curry and his ex-wife Sonya accused each other of cheating in their divorce papers, things didn’t seem right. The former NBA star was caught on camera as he came to support his son, Stephen, in Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Finals. Dell appeared to go to TD Garden with his girlfriend, which added to the controversy for some. So, who knows, maybe Steph will soon have a stepmother.

Dell Curry is regarded as one of Steph’s greatest influences. It’s no surprise that Steph inherited his father’s talent for shooting from the city. So, when his father showed up at TD Garden to cheer him on in the biggest game of the season, Chef Curry did not disappoint, scoring a game-high 43 points to lead the Golden State Warriors to a crucial away win.

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