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Dare Me Season 2 Is Cancelled By Usa Network: Everything You Need To Know!

We’re looking forward to seeing what happens next! Because Dare Me ended in a way that none of us anticipated. Dare Me is a daring look at turbulent female friendships, envy, devotion, and power dynamics in a small Midwestern town.

Under the all-American exterior, the show delves into the ruthless world of competitive high school cheerleading. Investigating the complicated relationship of two best friends as a new head coach emerges to lead their team to stardom.

‘Dare Me,’ a coming-of-age story, half small-town drama, and part murder mystery depict the physical and psychological extremes some young women are willing to go to succeed.

Let’s talk about the status of this incredible show that we all miss.

USA Network cancels ‘Dare Me’ season 2!

This show, which premiered on USA Network on December 29, 2019, was canceled by the network a month later. This occurred without explanation, but we believe it was due to USA Network’s shifting strategy, which focuses more on unscripted programming and reality shows. As a result, the cancellation of Dare Me Season 2 may come as a surprise to some.

What could the plot of Dare Me Season 2 have been?

Many of us are still curious about what might have happened if Dare Me had been renewed for a second season. This is what we believe would have happened:

According to the author and showrunner Megan Abbott, the show only got through half of the book in Season 1 and is therefore likely to continue from the source material and tell us more about what actually happened to Sarge Will in Season 2, if it happens at all.

Many other questions remain unanswered, such as what happened to Hanlon and Beth’s friendship, what happened to Kurtz, will Mr. Coach ever find out what Coach French has been up to, and many more that were supposed to be answered in Dare Me Season 2 if it had been renewed.

Could Netflix bring back Dare Me?

Dare Me is simply the international distributor for Netflix, rather than a full co-production. According to some speculations, Netflix was given the opportunity to revive the show, but they declined.

However, fans have repeatedly requested a Season 2 of Dare Me, to which Netflix has recently stated that they have no plans to bring a Season 2.

What is the story of Dare Me?

The show, which was adapted from Megan Abbott’s novel of the same name and followed the lives of competitive high school cheerleaders in “a small Midwestern town,” was able to tell more stories.

This was possible because the book is only from one character’s perspective, whereas the show rotates primarily from the perspectives of Addy, Beth, and the coach, as well as a bit from the other characters’ mind dynamics.

You can watch the Dare Me trailer here:

Where To Watch Dare Me

You can watch this show on Netflix, and it has ten episodes in its first season, each lasting 42-53 minutes.


Why was Dare Me discontinued?

Dare Me was a big hit for the streaming service, but they didn’t fund it as co-producers, only distributing it. This might have been a factor in the USA Network’s decision to cancel the show.

Is dare me based on a book?

Megan Abbott wrote the mystery novel Dare Me in 2012. An American cheerleading team is the subject of this novel. Throughout the book, friendship, obsession, and power are explored.

Season 1

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