Clarice Season 2 Release Date Status: Renewed or Cancelled?

When ‘Clarice’ was initially revealed, it sparked great excitement among followers of the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ media property. The psychological horror series is based on the book ‘The Silence of the Lambs,’ which was subsequently transformed into an Award-winning Academy film of the same name in 1991. 

The series focuses on FBI agent Clarice Starling, delving into her psychology and personal life. The criminal thriller, set in the early 1990s, begins the hunt for iconic serial murderer Buffalo Bill left off. The program was created by Jenny Lumet and Alex Kurtzman and launched in February 2021.

Despite its link with the illustrious franchise, the series failed to live up to the high standards established by the films and television series that came before it. 

The reviewers believed that the program errs on the side of caution and that its bland plot does not do the source material due. However, a couple of them were prepared to allow it some breathing room to expand since the series provides an intriguing perspective. 

Although it has been critiqued for its pacing, several fans have said that the narratives are compelling enough to keep them watching. Given the show’s mixed reception, viewers must be eager to learn if it will return for a second season. Let us ascertain!

Clarice Season 2 – When Will It Be Released?

‘Clarice’ season 1 premiered on CBS on February 11, 2021, and concluded on June 24, 2021. The first season consists of thirteen episodes that range between 42 and 43 minutes apiece.

What you need to know about the second season is as follows. Since no formal statement has been issued, the show’s destiny remains uncertain. 

It’s no secret that the series has struggled to find a foothold on CBS, ranking as one of the network’s lowest-rated and least-watched dramas. However, it has been doing well on Paramount+, which prompted discussion of the series being moved to the streaming service. 

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In May 2021, it was disclosed that the program would make its second-season debut on Paramount+. By June 2021, however, this seemed improbable since discussions between the ViacomCBS streaming platform and MGM Television had reached a stalemate.

Additionally, CBS has already sketched out its calendar for 2021-2022, with all available slots filled. Thus, there is no room on the shelf for ‘Clarice.’ As a result, it will almost certainly be on Paramount+ if the program returns. 

It may be advantageous since it would boost the series’s chances of lasting a long time. Alex Kurtzman, a prominent producer at CBS Studio, co-created the program. He is liable for the ever-expanding ‘Star Trek’ galaxy, which helped CBS All Access (now Paramount+) cement its market position.

Jenny Lumet told The Hollywood Reporter in February 2021 that she has enough material for several seasons if the program is renewed for additional cycles. “I am convinced that I have seven years of Clarice Starling’s narrative to tell,” she said, “since she was absent for seven years.” 

Taking all of these variables into account, there is hope, but it may take some time to make a decision. If the program is renewed for a second season by Fall 2021 and begins production shortly afterward, it may maintain its regular schedule. In that situation, we may anticipate the release of ‘Clarice’ season 2 in the first half of 2022.

What Could the Clarice Season 2 Plot Be About?

Clarice returns to work after her quest for Buffalo Bill in the first season. She becomes a member of the Apprehension of Violent Crimes (ViCAP) program. Her interaction with the squad adds insult to injury to the stress she is already through throughout the season. 

As predicted, her life’s Buffalo Bill chapter is not yet complete. Disturbing facts of the case resurface from time to time and obstruct her job. Clarice handles different crimes as a squad member throughout the first season, as her personal and professional life continue to intersect.

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Clarice’s adventure as a ViCAP agent will continue if there is a second season. The nature of her employment often puts her life in danger. Additionally, as Jenny Lumet proposed, we will go deeper into Clarice’s life.

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