Cher Makes Fun Of The Fact That Her Boyfriend Is Much Younger Than Her And Explains Why She Won’t Date Older Men

Cher talked about her new boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards and explained why she doesn’t date older men. In November Cher, who is 76, and Edwards, who is 36, made their relationship public. Since then, they’ve been seen holding hands more than once, and Cher has raved about him on her own Twitter.

During an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on Friday, the “If I Could Turn Back Time” singer called the relationship “kind of ridiculous.” “On paper, it sounds kind of silly,” she made a joke. “But we get along great in real life.”

“He’s great, and I don’t give men qualities they don’t deserve,” she said. He’s very kind. He knows a lot. He has a lot of skills and is very funny. And I think he looks pretty good.” “I just like somebody to make me laugh,” Clarkson agreed.

Then, the former “American Idol” star asked Cher if it’s true that older men are “scared” of her. “I would have never gone out on a date if I hadn’t met younger men,” she told Clarkson. “Older men just didn’t like me that much.” “Do you get what I’m getting at?”

“I’ve had a few boyfriends around my age, but they didn’t like me for some reason. Younger men don’t care if you’re funny, weird, want to do stupid things, or have a strong personality.

“I’m not going to change who I am for anyone.”

Cher jokes her relationship with much-younger boyfriend is 'ridiculous,'  reveals why she won't date older men | Fox News

“I’m Not Defending us. Haters Will Hate… Even though we’re happy and not bothering anyone, it doesn’t matter “Cher has written on Twitter before. Edwards was seeing model Amber Rose before he started dating her. They have a son together who is three years old.

Rose said that Edwards cheated on her with 12 different women while they were together. In August 2021, the music executive said it during an Instagram Live.

In response to Amber’s claims, he said, “S—-, I got caught.” “You know, I’ve been caught before. And it’s clear that she’s had enough. I still love her. That’s like saying that the mother of my son is my best friend. I also love my stepson, but I prefer women.” He also said, “It’s just who I am, and it’s not how she wants to be loved.”

Val Kilmer is one of Cher’s many well-known ex-boyfriends. In an essay that came out last year, the actress talked about how she “still loves” Kilmer.

She wrote in People magazine, “He’s like no one I’ve ever met.” “He is annoying and funny at the same time. It’s exciting and funny, and it’s not like anything else out there. We just stayed friends, I don’t know how. We did nothing. We just were.”

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