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D.h. Peligro, Who Was The Drummer For The Dead Kennedys For Many Years, Died At Age 63

This Article discusses the life and death of the drummer for the band, D. H. Peligro, who passed away at age 63 in October 2018.

D.H. Peligro, the 63-year-old drummer for the rock band Dead Kennedys, has died, the group reported on Twitter. Peligro, born Darren Henley, died on October 28 in his Los Angeles residence due to “head damage following an unintentional fall.”

Peligro was a native of St. Louis and had played drums for various bands, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Dead Kennedys have indicated that “all preparations are pending” in the wake of his untimely and sudden death.

Even after the band disbanded in 1986, Peligro remained a member of the Dead Kennedys until his passing in 2001. As of October 15, he was seen performing in Spain with the band, according to their Instagram.

The band is currently touring Europe. In 1988, Peligro temporarily played with the Chili Peppers, leaving an impression on founding bassist Flea.

The musician shared his sadness on his own Twitter by writing, “DH Peligro forever and ever. The most fun, the nicest, and the coolest. My dear brother, I’m so glad we had time together. I’ll always love you.”

Peligro also played with bands like Nailbomb, The Two Free Stooges, Lock-Up, The Feederz, and others.

He was the leader of his own band, Peligro, whose third album, “Sum of Our Surroundings,” was named Rock Album of the Year by the American Independent Music Awards.

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