Berserk Chapter 364

Berserk Chapter 364: Overview and Chapter Recap


The 1988 manga release of Berserk celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2018.
The last six chapters of the series have yet to be published as a volume but one or two more are expected to be released at some point in the future. Here are the full spoilers and summary for Berserk Chapter 364.

Berserk Overview and Chapter 363 Recap

The manga Berserk deserves an introduction for any anime or manga enthusiast. With a 9.35/10 ranking and the current 1 spot on MyAnimeList, it is the award-winning title with a tragic past that follows Guts as he discovers his newfound ability to see things that are about to happen, called foresight.

In chapter 364 of Berserk, titled ‘Kingdom of Istvan’ protagonist Guts the Black Swordsman meets and subsequently battles a mysterious man that he has vowed to kill.

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Berserk Chapter 364 Release Date

Today, we may have chapter 364 of Berserk released sometime in the future.

The latest chapters of Berserk were published in April, July, October, and January respectively. This would suggest a release date around April 2021 for the upcoming chapter 364. We will update this space once new information is announced.

Much like Guts, the Moonlight Boy seems to have a hunch about his future. At the end of chapter 363, he caught Guts off guard with the boy’s mere presence and it is up for speculation as to whether or not this stranger will change the course of events in Gut’s storyline.

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