Captain America: Every Captain America Suit Throughout The MCU Movies Ranked

Like most superheroes, Captain America also has a trademark outfit,

but he doesn’t mind changing things up

from time to time.


Mainly since he represents a soldier,

Often at times, it is required to improvise the costume

as per the needs of a battlefield.


This article will cover-up every Captain America suit

according to my rankings.



The USO Uniform


Outfitting a hero: Captain America's USO costume. Initially when ...


This costume is considered a Marvel favourite because it was what started

it for Captain America, back in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Before the introduction of this suit, we were eagerly waiting to see Steve Rogers turn up in costume,

and even this glimpse brought the fans squeals of delight.


USO uniform stands out the most because of its

originality and the way it made way for the American Soldier.


It gets the 8.


The Evolution of Captain America's Uniform | Captain america ...



It’s arguably the most iconic Captain America suit ever.

With his introduction to “THE AVENGERS”,

he was given with this uniform with which he features with

majority of the Avenger duties.

Hence, number 7.




This uniform is highly underrated for sure.

The Evolution of Captain America's Uniform | Captain america comic ...

Captain America may have more muscle mass in him

and probably just happens to be your crush.


But don’t you forget why Steve was selected to become Captain

in the very first place.


This uniform represents his heart.

with or without power,

Captain America will always be a man of honour.

A number 6.




Captain America's gear - Marvel Comics - Avengers -

This is probably the suit that presents Captain America

with the most robust physical appearance.


It perfectly matches with Steve, providing

him with just the right amount of colour and armor needed.

Quickly gets a 6.



Camouflage ( Infiltration) Suit


This suit is very different from the rest and

doesn’t give Captain with as many colours he is

generally used to with.


It was meant to provide him with stealth.


Gets a 5 from me.





If the MCU, presented this suit

It’d probably have had the first place.Captain America's Exoskeleton | Marvel Database | Fandom


But unfortunately, this comic suit made by Iron man

was never used in the big screens.


I’ll give it 4.





Again, one of the most iconic sequel.

Chris Evans from The Big Picture: Today's Hot Photos | Captain ...

This was also quite stealthy but not as

much as compared to the Infiltration suit.


Gets the 3rd place for being Iconic all alone.





This provided him with a fugitive appearance.

It was meant to symbolize his duty and

the sacrifices he has to pay to be a commander of the team.Avengers - Captain America Infinity War Suit - Free Transparent ...


Plus, taking the fact of how the movie ends up to

kill half of the population is just what gives the suit with

a whole meaning.





The most legendary Captain America Suit ever made.Costuming Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Tyranny of Style


This gives him the perfect representation of an Earth Soldier

plus, it also provides him with a much faster

and a more durable set of movements.


There is no doubt in my mind when I give it the 1st place.


So, here’s my list of all Captain America Suits according to my rankings.


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