Bubba Wallace Voices His Anger: Misses Out On A Potential Win Because Of Joey Logano

Bubba Wallace
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Bubba Wallace
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On the night of 29th August, the NASCAR Cup Series contestants had their final race of the season at Daytona International Speedway. For Bubba Wallace, this game was crucial as winning it was the only way he could secure a spot in the playoff his only chance to secure a playoff spot. He almost made it too.

But in a few seconds, all his hopes came to a standstill. An incident with Joey Logano resulted in a massive wreck and a response from the driver of the No. 43 Richard Petty Motorsports Chevrolet Cam

The worst part is that it took place at the very last minute, with only a few laps remaining in the race.

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What Actually Happened?

Bubba Wallace was racing on the high lane and was able to ride past Denny Hamlin. He was well on his way towards winning the race.

Suddenly, Hamlin bumped Logano from behind, who then dashed sideways into Wallace. The No. 43 crashed on the wall and kept moving, even though he lost a considerable amount of momentum. At that instant, William Byron rode between Wallace and Logano and then raced ahead of the pack while several others crashed out of the race.

Wallace Voices Out His Anger

Bubba Wallace
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After the race, Wallace posted on his Twitter handle, “Thru the anger, I’m freaking stoked for ole Willy B! Pretty cool! [at WilliamByron] What could’ve been. We’ll never know. Onto the next [rock on emoji],”.

Although he couldn’t bag the trophy, he still managed to finish off the season with a career-high fifth top-10 and his first top-five of the season.

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A person tweeted after watching the race ad the incident on repeat, “Hamlin & Logano caused it… what a shocker,”. Several others took to social media to blame Joey Logano for the unfortunate crash. Some also disagreed and said that it was not Logano but Hamlin who was responsible for the incident.

What Lies Ahead For Wallace?

With this loss, Wallace is officially out of the playoffs and will no longer be able to compete for the championship trophy. He still has the remaining ten races to participate in and possibly win.

He also has the chance to park the No. 43 Chevrolet Camaro in Victory Lane and help his racing team secure a victory. So, it appears he still has somethings to look forward to.

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