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Stir Trouble?
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Trump’s New Strategy Against Biden To Work Or To Bring Trouble?

Well, we all know how much on a cut-throat competition are Donald Trump and Joe Biden walking. Each one of them and their teams are strategizing in, working on their weaknesses and sharpening their good skills. Trump and his team are reportedly giving their lot of strategies and advices. All to make Trump better for the fall Presidential Elections 2020.

Trump and his team’s strategies.

The President’s advisors are studying Biden closely. Looking at the opponents strengths and getting to know about their faults can mess things up. That’s exactly what Trump and his followers are doing, trying their best to make Biden trip up on the Debate stage.

“Biden has been debating for a half-century. He is very good. Part of the reason he is very good is that he gives the same answers over and over again to questions. But he does have certain tells that he uses when he is not confident in his answer. Or trying to change the subject or make viewers forget what the actual question is.”

The biggest inspiration for the Trump team is 2016’s Presidential campaign where Trump badly blew himself off in the first round. He denied to do a mock debate test with any intern  but the contestant and nor would he let anyone be Hilary Clinton.

Now, Trump campaign are doing everything to not mess this in front of the the former Vice President- Joe Biden.

Joe Biden And Clinton.

Coming to Hilary Clinton, the rumors are that her ball is in Biden’s court. Biden and Hillary have been seen with each other in few campaigns. And it can also be true that  Joe Biden is taking Clinton’s opinions on things very seriously

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We hope that the strategies that trump is putting doesn’t cause or stirs any trouble. People are eagerly waiting for the fall Presidential elections. Stay tuned!

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