Btooom Season 2

Btooom Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer


Btooom is a Japanese fictional show composed and represented by Junya Inoue. Btooom highlights the experiences of Ryōta Sakamoto, a jobless and isolated young guy who is one of the world’s best players in the eponymous video game. 

After Ryōta is chosen to engage in the real-life variant of the game, he becomes caught inside it and meets his love affair Himiko, his in-game partner. With the aid of their fellow members, Ryōta and Himiko should get a route to return home.

This show was initially restricted in Japan, and then, it was possible with English subtitles on Crunchyroll. Creators of this series are authorized with American multimedia journalist Sentai Filmworks for English subtitles.

The show was top-rated, but enthusiasts like me and you are yet to anticipate Btooom Season 2 to premiere. When is it happening? Let me tell you regarding it.

Btooom Season 2 Release Date

Let’s make this open today. Btooom Season 2 is canceled and not going to happen. Whoever is telling that Btooom Season 2 will premiere in 2021 or 2022, let’s see your matters through first. Btooom season 1 displayed someday in the last part of 2012 & the painful fact is it performed most seriously in terms of earning.

Hence, how can you presume the creators to proceed with the series? That’s why it’s been 8 years & there are no formal statements from Madhouse Studio.

Btooom Season 2 Cast

If the series gets renewal, then the cast of Btooom season 2 is as follows:

  • Ryōta Sakamoto 
  • Himiko 

Btooom Season 2 Trailer

There is no update on the season 2 trailer yet. We will inform you when it will be available.

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Btooom Season 2 Plot

Btooom’s plotline spins throughout a 22-year-old jobless teen, Ryōta Sakamoto. Still, though Ryōta lives an ordinary life with his mom, he’s examined one of the most prominent players in an online clash royale game named Btooom!.

Then one day, his quiet life is destroyed as he discovers himself on unfamiliar tropic land. On the cover of that, he has no memory of what he saw there. 

After doing the self-examination, he discovers something implanted in his hand. It’s a green glass used in the conflict royale game he performs.

At this particular time, Ryōta understands that someone has taken Btooom video games to present life. Ryōta then picks himself up & begins to search the island. 

In his research, he discovers a guest & requests him for help. Somewhat of helping, the stranger fires a grenade at Ryōta.

This move at this time affirms his biggest dream to be accurate. So, to endure, he chooses to fight off with others to finish. Initially suffering any injury, Ryōta begins shooting the competitors for his endurance. As the series proceeds, Ryōta draws up with different Btooom members Himiko.

In the Battle Royale tournament, Himiko is the in-game companion of Ryōta. Coincidentally, both of them attempt their best to remain in a horrific enjoyment of the game.


Still, though the Btooom fictional show supports quite a central plotline, it gives some fantastic subplots. 

That’s all regarding the Btooom season 2. What do you think regarding the storyline of the next season? Tell us in the comments below. Stay tuned with us for more news!

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