Bringing Up Bates Season 11 Canceled By Up Tv: All You Need To Know!

Up TV in the United States has a reality show called “Bringing Up Bates.” It is about Gil and Kelly Bates, their 19 children, and other members of their large family.

The Bates family was in a show called United Bates of America on TLC in 2012. In October 2014, it was announced that the family would be back in a new show called Bringing Up Bates on Up TV. The show’s first episode aired on January 1, 2015.

After 10 seasons, Up TV announced on January 18, 2022, that they were canceling the show. The network said that they would be focusing on new movies and scripted shows for 2022. The family and the film crew had already shot episodes for season 11, which will not air because it was canceled.

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Season 11 of Bringing Up Bates is not going to happen! Why?

I know that most of you are here to find out what to do. Well, let me get right to it.

We will not get Season 11 of the American reality show. The show is almost done being filmed, but it won’t air.

Up TV in a statement said, “We will not be showing Bringing Up Bates season 11 on UPtv as scheduled as we will be focusing our programming in 2022 on movies and a new scripted series to be announced soon.”

They further added, “When we premiered Bringing Up Bates, the series was focused on parents with 19 kids who were teenagers and young toddlers. The cameras were there to capture the love, jokes, and important life milestones, as the family continued to grow. Thank you to Gil and Kelly Jo Bates for bringing viewers into your family’s home over the past 10 seasons.”

Season 10 of Bringing Up Bates premiered in June 2021.

Ending it, they said, “the experiences we’ve shared together as a family and for the lessons we’ve learned along the way.”

The Bates concluded their statement, writing:

“Most of all, we are thankful to God for the experiences we’ve shared together as a family and for the lessons we’ve learned along the way. We feel very blessed to have these memories. We look forward to the next chapters of life unfolding before us with lots of new adventures. We promise to keep you updated on our lives in the days ahead and pray that God will richly bless each of you. Our greatest desire is that we would each strive to learn more about God and to grow in His grace.”

Where to Watch Bringing Up Bates?

Bringing Up Bates is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime. You can watch Bringing Up Bates online by renting or buying it on iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.

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