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Brad Pitt Vs Tom Cruise Net Worth: Which One Has The Higher Fortune

It is no secret that Brad Pitt Or Tom Cruise both had a lot of success in their careers, but one might be more successful than the other. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are two of the most famous actors in the world. These two actors have led countless blockbuster movies. In this article, we will find out just how much more successful Tom Cruise is compared to Brad Pitt.

Together, they have worked as professional actors for more than 86 years and have been in more than 100 movies. we are going to get an insightful perspective into not only how much these two actors have made in their careers, but also the hard work that is put into it! Let’s find Out Which actor has a higher net worth, Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise Net Worth: $600 million

American actor and producer Tom Cruise have a net worth of $600 million. Tom Cruise is one of the best, most well-known, and biggest names in Hollywood and other movie industries. Eight out of ten people who watch Hollywood movies love this rock star a lot.

Brad Pitt’s Net Worth: $300 million

Brad Pitt is an American actor with a $300 million net worth. During his career, Pitt made at least $20 million per movie. He made $31.5 million in 2016, making him one of the richest actors in Hollywood.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Troy, World War Z, Inglorious Basterds, Megamind, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, and Ocean’s Thirteen are some of his most successful movies.

Who Has Higher Net Worth?

Here, Tom Cruise’s net worth is $600 million, while Brad Pitt’s is $300 million. So Tom Cruise has more money than Brad Pitt.

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