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Shahrukh Khan Vs Salman Khan: Which Actor Has The Higher Net Worth?

Have you ever thought about which Khan in Bollywood is the richest? Well, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are both big stars who have made a lot of hit movies. Whether it was Salman’s Tiger series movie and Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express, they all had their own genres to conquer and did so with a lot of noise.

Salman Khan is proud to own the Galaxy apartments, which are worth about 100 crores on their own. Aside from that, the actor makes a lot of money not only by acting in movies but also by producing them. Aside from that, he makes a huge salary every year from Big Boss, Being Human, and his other businesses.

Shah Rukh Khan’s main business in the entertainment industry is run by Red Chillies Entertainment. He is also proud to be a co-owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders. Most people in our country know that Bollywood and Cricket are two of the most popular things, and SRK is the Badshah of both. Besides Mumbai, he also owns property in Dubai.

Scroll down to find out how much they are worth now and who has the most money.

Shahrukh’s Net Worth: $715 Million

The Indian actor Shahrukh Khan has a Net Worth of $715 Million. “The King of Bollywood” is another name for Shahrukh Khan. He has been in more than 80 Hindi movies, has done many commercials, and won 14 Filmfare Awards. SRK is one of the highest-paid actors in Indian movies, and he is also the richest actor in India.

Salman’s Net Worth: $315 Million

The Indian actor and film producer Salman Khan has a net worth of $315 Million. Salman Khan is the most well-known Bollywood actor right now. He is well-known not only in India but also around the world. Salman’s fans call him Salu Bhai, Bollywood Tiger, Dabangg, Bhaijaan, etc. Since he was a child, Salman Khan was very interested in swimming, painting, and writing. There are a lot of stories about how kind Salman is.

Who Has Higher Net Worth?

Salman Khan has a net worth of $315 Million, while Shah Rukh Khan’s is $715 Million. Shahrukh is richer than Salman.

In conclusion, Shah Rukh Khan is the most financially successful Khan.

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