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Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot And All Updates

Bee and PuppyCat is an American fictional web series produced and composed by Natasha Allegri. The show spins throughout Bee, an unoccupied lady in her initial twenties, confronting a magical beast called PuppyCat. 

She utilizes this possible cat-dog combination, and commonly they work on a series of odd jobs to give off her regular rent. These different jobs get the duo over unfamiliar words out in time.

Bee and PuppyCat were originally premiered on 11 July 2013 on YouTube, which included approximately 10 episodes. Bee and PuppyCat have got many positive replies from the enthusiasts, forward with few studies linked to the art and nature of the casts.

Here are all updates on Bee And Puppy Cat season 2 that we know so far.

Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2 Release Date

A series called “Bee and Puppy Cat” was approved in 2017. And in October 2020, it was declared that season 2, which had been flowing online, is listed for a premiere on Netflix in 2022.

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Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for season 2 yet. We will update you when we get official info from the production side.

Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2 Cast

  • Patrick Seery will act as Pretty Patrick
  • Ally Rachel being Bee
  • Ellen McLain being TempBot
  • Arin Hanson being Omelette
  • Alexander James Rodriguez being Cardamon
  • Terri Hawkes will act as Toast
  • Tommy Wiseau will play the role of Baker Boss
  • Ashley Burch will play the role of Cass
  • Stephen Root being Farmer
  • Kent Osborne will act as Deckard
  • Tom Kenny will act as LadyBug
  • Natasha Allegri will play the role of Crow
  • Garrett Jackson being Crab
  • Chad Quandt being Squat Bird
  • Etta Devine will act as Ann
  • Frank Gibson being Wallace
  • Josh Clark will act as Wiggly Worm

Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2 Plot

Bee is a pleasant and optimistic woman who is in her twenties. She is usually eliminated from her domestic and low-paying positions. 

Once, she came back home after she left to arrive at a job where she got an unfamiliar and unnatural being called PuppyCat from the sky. 

She catches him with her, and PuppyCat discovers that she is disclosed because she is powerless to receive a job, then he transfers where she can take a job.

She gets a temporary job there and handles her monthly rent. These different jobs use both beyond an unfamiliar world, where they encounter several hurdles and build exciting scenes. There is no official information about the plot of season 2. 


It is assumed that the series will come back on Netflix in 2022, yet the specific date has not been announced. We will renew the respecting section when the producers tell us anything regarding it. Till then, please keep checking our website for all the new information.

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